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January 2012, I'm still here :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whoa, this month has been insane!! I started my new job with two days of orientation on January 3rd.

I was not in a great place a few months ago when I thought about having to work full time outside the home. After being a SAHM for almost 6 years the idea scared me to death!! I prayed and my attitude changed. God opened the door and now I love my job. I'm not making that much, but I'm working hard and it's getting noticed. People from other departments see me working and comment to me about how hard I work. It's not always easy to give 100% at your job, but right now my family is depending on me and I can't mess it up!!

I finally got an almost full paycheck. PHEW! Mortgage paid!! Thank God!!! We could have tried to collect unemployment, but we weren't comfortable saying that DH was willing/able to work when he is responsible for the care of our kids. He can't work right now, so we took the high road. Yes, it makes our day to day budget angry, but we'll find a way to work through it all.

On an extremely exciting note, my new employer has a lucrative tuition reimbursement program!!! I am elligible for up to $1000 per year. Once I've worked there for 12 months the number goes up to $2500 per year!!! They also have a program where up front tuition costs are waived!!! I hemmed and hawed a lot, thinking about possibilities and my likes/dislikes, career goals, possible income, etc. I've always had an interest in medicine and first responder type work. SO, my plan for now, is to apply for nusing school!!!!!! I missed the deadline for this year, but I can apply next year and, if accepted, start school in the fall. In the meantime I hope to complete some electives and other required classes. It's kinda a bummer, but it will give me time to get an official transcript from my high school, SAT scores, immunization records, etc. I need to get some more info, but I'm thinking I would like to become a PHRN, which is a Pre Hospital Registered Nurse. A PHRN is basically a Paramedic/Nurse, and is able to do everything that a nurse and a paramedic can do. A paramedic is allowed to intubate, but a nurse is not. A nurse is allowed to give any type of medication, a paramedic is limited. Having the dual "certification" would allow me to work on an ambulance crew, fire rescue crew, in a hospital, Emergency Department, doctor's office, nursing home, school, etc. It would open a huge number of doors. I could even become a Paramedic Flight Nurse with the local hospital's helicopter crew!! Anyway, I'm pretty excited and am continuing to pray that I will get accepted or that God will lead me to the right door. My sister wanted to do nursing, but sat on a wait list for a long, long time and never got in. She has since changed her major to counseling, in which I know she will do very well!! I was hesitant to choose to pursue nursing school, knowing her history with the wait list, but I feel this is where I'm being lead.

Weight and Spark-wise, I've been doing very well, yet struggling. Does that make any sense? I've been sticking to my 1000 stairs per day goal. I also walk during my breaks at work. On Friday, I ran up and down 5 flights of stairs (200 in all) in 79 seconds. I was pretty impressed. I haven't been tracking my food at all, but as long as I don't give in to my evening munchies I am doing well. I gained some weight when I first started my job, due to the fact that I was extra hungry and snacking a lot at night. Once that week calmed down, I've been doing much better. I'm still struggling to get below 150, again. I was at 145 for a week or two, then slowly crept back up. I am surprised at how well I know when enough is enough and that if I go over I end up gaining. I'm struggling to find the balance, but I am succeeding, so I'm in a strange place. I haven't been running, except the stairs at work. The roads are icy and not very good, so I've been patiently waiting for spring!!! Keeping active at work, while doing a physically demanding job, which has me on my feet all day, has been amazing! I love the physical labor and I definately have amazingly sculpted arms and shoulders ;) I've been drinking a ton of water still, so I know that helps. This morning I weighed in at 152.2, so about 7 lbs from my goal. If I can get to and then maintain 145 I will be so happy. I feel pretty darn great now, but I felt AH-MA-ZING, at 145. My goal for the next month or two is to lose the last 7 lbs and maintain 145!!

My sister told me today that Sean Aston is running in the Disney Princess Half Marathon and that he wanted people to send him inspiring things to keep him going in the race. She told me she sent him my name and told him that I'm her hero. That I didn't think I could run, but I ran a 5K in the snow. Sisters are amazing!!

DH and kids are adjusting to life at home in amazing ways!! DH has cleaned the house from top to bottom and even organized the kids rooms!!! He is an amazing man and I am incredibly blessed to have him!!!! I am thankful that I can give him some time with the kids while they are young, since he gave me almost 6 years with them!!!

I filed our taxes today, so our return is on the way. We have to fix our car, as the insurance company denied our claim. Yep, the bus driver who hit our parked car, changed her story and told the insurance company she did not hit our car. We spoke with the company and ended up filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. We are waiting to hear back from them. We could pay our deductible to our insurance company and let them go after the bus people for a "hit and run," but the deductible is more than the part we need. The tail light is $80 and it would be $250 to go after the bus company. Not a big priority at this point, since money is tight. It's a shocking turn of events, but it is what it is.

Above all, I am thankful and grateful. I have a wonderful husband, amazing kids, super family, a job, a warm home, food, love, two crazy pups, and a God who holds me in the palm of His hand. What more can a girl ask for? I feel blessed and honored to be supporting my family. I had no idea I would ever feel this way about working, but I do. I'm so glad that on 1-17-11 I found spark people. It prepared my body and mind for things I couldn't see coming.

Thank you all for supporting me and helping me along the way!! I miss you all, hearing about your challenges and triumphs, being involved in your lives. I'm not around as much, but I'm still here and I do care :)
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    If you can imagine me bouncing up and down in excitement as I'm waving to you, that's what's happening on the other end of this computer. ;)

    First of all-- YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!! Seriously, mama! HOT STUFF! :D So proud of you and all the progress you've made. I'm SURE you'll get to 145 and maintain it soon enough!

    Glad to hear you're working hard at the new job! Hard work pays off and I'm sure you're going to reap the rewards of that effort! And totally awesome about the nursing classes! That's really cool that you'll be able to do that! :)

    Thanks for leaving me notes every now and then! They meant a lot!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2051 days ago
    "I've been doing very well, yet struggling."

    It makes sense in light of your update. You are doing all you can do very well, but getting dealt some cards that force you to struggle.

    I love your PMA!
    2060 days ago
    You just sound SO incredibly happy now that I'm beaming for you. I can't believe how far we've both come in just one short, just 6 short months! I'm happy for you and am so proud of you for the way you've stepped up and how you've been treating/viewing life lately!
    2061 days ago
  • MEGS4148
    Your attitude is so inspiring! Sounds like you are finding a healthy balance with all that is going on in your life.
    2063 days ago
    I love your attitude! Alot of people would get dragged down by life's challenges that you are facing, but you have such an upbeat approach!

    I think becoming a nurse is a special and at times difficult calling but with your attitude, you would be great! I think you should definitely pursue your dreams! Go get 'em girl!
    2063 days ago
    So happy to hear the blessings you've received & the good attitude you have, despite the challenges still to overcome! Keep up the great work & testimony! Jer 29:11
    emoticon emoticon
    2064 days ago
    You go! Awesome :) Praying God leads you to just the right doors ahead!!!
    2064 days ago
    Good self esteem comes from taking the high road. It pays off in so many ways.

    Congratulations! You'll do great.
    2064 days ago
    Good for you, Keep it up!
    2064 days ago
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