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FOUR..... MORE.... DAYS!!!! -N- other things....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW!!!! We'll be packing up tonight, getting almost everything together, & then tomorrow, when hubby comes home from work in the evening....


We driving to go stay with my cousin and her family - SUPER FUN!!! - near Kaiserslautern, and from there, we will go to our US Immigration appointment EARLY Monday morning.

As much as I have been driving myself crazy about this appointment emoticon, I am making myself calm down. I know Who holds all of this in His hands. I know so many people are praying, not only my wonderful Sparkfriends, but also my family and close friends. emoticon

And I KNOW, once we are at my cousin's house, we are gonna have a BLAST, and time is going to FLY!

I'm also hoping to find some good running trails over there when I go. Definitely do NOT want to slack off during our little mini-vacay! emoticon PLUS, it's supposed to be hilly there, so maybe I'll actually get to get a REAL hill workout in! Something I have NEVER done before! LOL

It's only been a DAY, I know, but it is going REALLY well. Yesterday, before I had my
emoticon moment, I loaded my coffee up with about 5 tsp of my Organic Whole Cane Sugar.... I used to limit myself to about 3. Five is just RIDICULOUS!! That is when I realized, this MUST STOP!

And I am not even *THAT BAD*. I do NOT keep candy or sweets around for the kids. I don't even let THEM have that stuff usually. I do NOT eat a lot of sugary things like cereals and such. I do not drink/buy soda AT ALL, or any other drinks with sugar, like teas and such. I don't use sugary condiments. But I have noticed I have been more and more lenient on the sugar thing, and feel that the detox will do me a LOT of good, and help get the scale moving in the right direction.

That sugar I had in my coffee was the only sugar I had the entire day..... A BIG emoticon to me!!!! I had a dab of honey in my coffee later (yes, I do love coffee), but other than just a little bit of tea - NO SUGAR!! And today has been even MORE successful!! It is AMAZING how many CALORIES I am slashing just by doing this!!

I also pinpointed some weak points and pit falls for me:
** Nibbling on my kids' waffles (which are whole grain but have a little OWC sugar in the batter... plus, it counts as a "baked good" which I am abstaining from as well)
** Nibbling on my kids' waffles with organic strawberry jam (SUGAR!)
** Again the waffles with Nutella.... SUGAR again!!

Can you see I have a hard time staying away from the waffles?? LOL They are OH. SO. GOOD!! (My own recipe, whole grain spelt waffles) But my weight loss & baked goods do NOT go together, I have learned.

** My coffee!! Which I have already pinpointed as my BIGGEST weakness when it comes to sugar.
** Yogurt... even if I do buy the organic stuff, it isn't as sweet as the other stuff, and certainly not loaded with junk... BUT it STILL has SUGAR! (Trying to stick to Greek Yogurt with fruit, and a tiny drop of Stevia... that is really yummy too!!)
** Sweets and chocolate - I am usually *pretty* good about not keeping those things around, and just having it occasionally, but over the holidays, I ate a lot more of it. It needs to END NOW.

I have been ROCKING this, staying away from the waffles, not using sugar, not eating the sweets!! By the end of these 2 weeks, I know I am going to feel much more on track.

It's going GREAT! I started at the beginning of this week. First couple of days were NOT accurate tracking... I was doing a lot of snacking and guesstimating.... That DOESN'T WORK, Darcy, you know this!!! If I'm gonna track, it needs to be ACCURATE! So, I am really working of refraining from the snacking, and weighing out ALL the stuff accurately. It's coming along, and getting better EVERY day!

Perfect. Haven't had any. Stayed away from the waffles and bread the past 2 days. Doing great on that one as well.

The HARD part will be this weekend!!! But I am going to prepare my cousin & let her know, and I am trying to "think positively" and visualize myself being SUCCESSFUL sticking to my commitments!!!

FOUR MORE DAYS, PEOPLE!!! FOUR MORE DAYS!!! FOUR..... MORE..... DAYS!!! (I'm not excited at all.)
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    Best of luck with immigration!
    2184 days ago
    Great job! My day 1 (today) has gone well too. The only sugar I have consumed has come in the form of fruit. YAY ME! and YAY YOU!! we've GOT this!
    2184 days ago
    Hey Darcy, I've been catching up on your blogs.... GOOD LUCK with immigration! I know you must feel so frustrated and powerless, but hang in there! This will pass and you'll get on with your life.

    I have a few INS related stories to share with you, so you don't feel so all alone. My friend is married to a Chilean man. They have a daughter with another one on the way. Anyway, while she was pregnant with #1, INS scheduled his interview. As luck would have it, the baby decided to be born the day before the interview. She was a little early, so luckily, they got to leave her at the hospital, and mere hours after delivery, my friend and her hubby were in the car, driving 4+ hours to their INS interview. Good think it wasn't a C-section.

    I have another friend who is a Turkish citizen, married to an American. She has a green card but is not a US citizen. Anyway, they were in Turkey last year and on the way back, they had a 23 hour layover in Paris. Great, they figured. They would get to spend the day in Paris with my friend's brother who lives there. They checked with United, who assured them that my friend would not need a visa for a stay of less than 24 hours in Paris. WRONG! Not only that, they ended up on the wrong line and my friend was nearly arrested. The French INS were extremely rude to her (apparently, there is a huge issue with Turkish immigration in France) and long story short, they spent their 23 hour layover on a dirty floor in an International to International "lounge" (more like a prison cell, according to my friend).

    So, hang in there! It could be worse (it could always be worse!)
    2184 days ago
    have a safe trip
    2184 days ago
    You've been so upbeat and positive, despite all the stressors! I LOVE your attitude! HAVE A BLAST!!
    2184 days ago
    I am so excited for you!!! Sending prayers and positive vibes :o)

    Coffee is my weakness too. Its just so yummy!!
    2184 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Great work, Darcy!

    2185 days ago
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