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Healthy habits I have developed--slowly over the last couple of years with sparkpeople

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1. Water Aerobics classes--my first established healthy habit. I have been at this for years! emoticon
2. Drinking water, water, water (I was never a water drinker before .) emoticon
3. Using the food tracker faithfully now. emoticon
( I was very, very imperfect using this for a year or so. Confession: for about 6 months just to get into the habit, I'd check off everything suggested in the menu. BUT what I actually ate was nothing like that and in much greater amounts and much of it in the evenings. Humble pie! emoticon) I am now using it correctly and added a "meal" called Evening Eating. there should be nothing there, but there usually is. If I am honest, I can easily track how well I am controlling that awful habit.
3. Cooking and freezing meals in single portions. emoticon (There is NO WAY I could do this while I was working full time!) I even now have a favorite chicken recipe! I used to print and save zillions of recipes but never cook them! I'd never have the ingredients or I would have the ingredients and by the time I found the energy to make the recipe--the meat and fresh veggies had gone bad!
4. Plan meals ahead using the food tracker for only 3 days and print the grocery list only for 3 days. Often there was plenty of food for the whole week.
5. Repeating meals through the week, especially breakfast and often lunch. This simplified things considerably. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
6. emoticonI had a habit going..... but I stopped doing it: base each meal on vegetables. emoticon Get out any big bag of frozen vegetables and add stuff to it. It was filling and was usually a tasty meal. I have gotten out of the habit. I buy many bags of frozen vegetables at a time when I shop.
7. Interact with people emoticon emoticonon this website! I had no trouble at all doing this. For years I did this--and lost almost no weight at all--but the messages were planting seeds in my brain.

It is not necessary to feel fat and guilty. It is not necessary to start a diet every Monday and feel like a failure when the 'diet' did not last even one day. that is expecting perfection in an instant. Forget it. Not doable! That has NOTHING to do with getting healthy.

Establishing good habits is the way to go. emoticonAnd the habits don't happen automatically! Work on one habit at a time. Be imperfect! emoticonEventually a few good habits will be ingrained and that is when weight comes off and stays off.

Here's to good habits! emoticon

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