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Saturday, January 21, 2012

With my screw shoes that is! Gotcha huh? After getting real tired of hearing myself whine about when the heck I was going to run my 11 miler this weekend I decided to put on my big girl running panties and get the heck out there. The wind chill is is single digits and the streets are snow and ice covered but training does not go on hold because of that! Heck no! Thanks to the nudges and hollering from my running buddies I got out there and go it done. Not only did I run my 11 miler but I extended it our another mile for...

12 MILES BABY!!!!!!!

I accomplished this with my screw shoes and I have to tell you that I think I may like them more than my YakTrax. It just depends on what you road conditions are like. Today there were some streets that were bare and that would have ruined the YT but with the screw shoes there was no worry. I may have sounded like Fred Astaire tap dancing down the street LOL but they got the job done.

It was cold out there but I was bundled up with the following on my body:

1) sports bra
2) base top
3) cuddl duds leggings
4) long sleeve top
5) CWX Insulator tights (love them)
6) 2 pair socks
7) winter running jacket
8) 2 pair gloves
9) Buff (neck gaiter)
10) pony tail beanie
11) screw shoes

Yes, it took me a few minutes to get dressed and gizwitchied up but I did finally make it out. I had all of my water, GU and peanut butter sandwich on the porch and yes the water did freeze as well as my sandwich but it all goes down the same way.

My run started out very easily with a smile on my face that I was getting this thing done. I kept my pacing right where it should be since you so not especially run fast in snow and ice. I have to tell you though, by the time I hit 10 miles I was starting to lose my sense of humor and in fact I was starting to swear. Yes, me swearing. I was NOT shooting fairies and butterflies out my arse at this point as it was getting hard.

I was so wound up and gritting my teeth that I decided I wasn't going to be a wimp and slugged out one more mile to make it a total of 12.21 miles. Put that in your pip and smoke it!!!!!

I did it and I can now savor it for the rest of the weekend. Here me RAWR, people!!!!

Stats: 12.21 miles
1100 calories burned
splits 12:58, 12:40, 12:47, 12:59, 12:36, 12:59, 13:00, 12:43, 13:01, 13:06, 13:12,12:42

I don't want to hear anyone say anything about my speed. That is MY speed and I am dang proud of it. You get out there in these weather conditions and run them in screw shoes. I dare ya!!!

To top all of this I have remained true to my running schedule and nailed 25 hours running time this week with a total of 530 fitness minutes this week and a 1325 fitness minutes so far in January. This girl is on fire!

Next up, Princess HM at the end of February. 2012 is going to be something to behold! Just watch me!

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