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Another Bad Fire in Reno, NV

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So, what excuse do I have today for not exercising?

We went grocery shopping this morning, and the wind almost blew us off the ground. We were expecting rain today, but it rained only around the mountains, and we stayed try, once again. This High Desert area needs water, meaning rain, so badly. We haven't seen a drop since probably October, and that wasn't much. So, now this high force wind is added which promises disaster. We saw dark clouds moving in around 2:00 PM and looking further, we realized there was a fire just South of us. We turned the local news on, and, sure enough, there was another fire coming down this hills. Hwy. 395, the artery from Reno to Carson City, was closed; first, because of strong winds, then because the fire had jumped the Hwy. and now we had two fires.
7 communities have been evacuated, 6 homes have burned down, so far. The winds on the Mt. Rose/Slide Mt. ski areas (this is just one Mountain) were clocked at 115 mph. this afternoon, and that mountain sits right behind that fire. So, you can imagine with what wind force that fire was fed. They had to bring fire fighters and equipment in from CA.

Only a few weeks ago, when we had that other (well televised) fire, that burned 29 homes down, and damaged another 43, we were up most of the night, because we were told to get ready to evacuate. We actually had a police man stop by at 7:00 AM and asked us if we were prepared to evacuate, in case the wind would shift. Again, we had very strong winds the day before and that night, and we could see the fire coming down the hills. This is a frightening situation. Because of the little rain we have had since June 2011, the brush is very dry and literally explodes when ignited.

Let's hope for the best and pray that no more houses are being lost. The local Casinos/Hotels have offered rooms for $29.00 to anybody who had to evacuate. We are talking about 10,000 people. Many will stay with friends or relatives.

I probably won't sleep too well tonight, and will get up several times to see if the fire is still behind the Hwy. that leads from Reno to Lake Tahoe. Not that I can see the Hwy. but our community is not too far from it.

Let's also hope for rain or snow to help those fire fighters, and for the wind to slow down.
Natural disasters (or was it?) can be devastating to people and property. We don't know yet, what started the fire.
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