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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I first just want to say that I have the most awesome bunch of spark friends ever. I'm so grateful for all of your well wishes and thoughts and especially for your prayers. You guys rock!

Now on to the nitty-gritty.
This is about to get gross, so like I always say, if you're squeamish (or male) read no further.

Surgery went well. There was one unexpected thing, and that was that the doctor did find endometriosis. There was a film of it on my bladder and a few other spots in my abdominal area. The good news is that we caught it really early, and because the source is gone, and he was able to remove all of it that was visible to the naked eye, he doesn't think it will be a problem in the future. If I would have waited to have this done, I could have not only risked doing damage to my bladder and intestines, but also risked losing my ovaries. So it's very reassuring knowing that I made the right decision. My uterus was also not in great shape from the adenomyosis. So one thing I can say is that I have no regrets about this. I know it was the best thing for my health.

That's what my head believes wholeheartedly.
I'm still struggling a little in my heart. I know that will take some patience, and a lot of face time with God.

The pain has gotten much better over the past week. When I came home I could barely walk at a turtle's pace up the front walk, the front steps were a nightmare, and I could only sit up to eat. It was a struggle to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Now I'm up and about a lot more. I'm out on the couch for most of the day. I'm only taking ibuprofen for the pain, and I have to stop myself from doing too much. So I'm much improved, and very glad of it.

One funny thing. I bought a couple of larger pairs of pj pants, and larger underwear. I vastly underestimated just how swollen my tummy was going to be. I looked like a troll doll the first day home. I had to literally cut the underwear band in two places so that it wouldn't squeeze me. And the bottoms were just not going to happen. So I walked around for a week with no pants on. Ha ha! I have no nightgowns, and didn't even think about sending someone for one. (I was on lots of pain killers. Kind of puts a cap on your IQ.) So I just walked around with no pants on. It was very freeing, actually. Both of my children were highly amused. Eventually I got into my husband's boxers. And now today, I got into my pj pants. I feel almost human again!

To give you an idea of how bad the swelly belly is, I actually measured, and as of today I'm still 2 and a half inches bigger around my waist at belly button level (lower than my natural waist) than I was two days before surgery. It went down a whole inch overnight, which is awesome. I wish now I would have measured the day I came home. I looked like I had swallowed a bowling ball.

So of course I have NOT been exercising. (Trying to cope with this restlessness.)
I have been counting calories. The day of the surgery I ate nothing. Not even a cracker. I've been struggling with nausea. The second day I ate almost nothing, and so I didn't feel the need to count because there wasn't much to count. The third day I started counting. I have managed to stay at my normal calorie intake since then. The nausea and inactivity made it easy at first. I'm just hoping the boredom doesn't jump up and bite me in the butt here.

Right now I'm spending my days eating healthy, counting calories, and watching hours of "The Biggest Loser" to keep myself motivated. I don't plan on weighing in for awhile. At least until the swelling is down all the way.

I'm just happy to still be sparking! My regain started with a surgery and the loss of my thyroid. To me, losing weight through a surgery will mean conquering a huge demon in my life.
Thanks again for your prayers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MARIE405
    Glad to hear that you are moving better. Prayer are still with you. Get well
    2041 days ago
  • MY2GIRLS0205
    So glad to hear you are doing well in your recovery. You definitely made the right decision, and thankfully God steers us to them, and then quickly affirms our choices. Keep us updated on how the recovery goes, and know that we are all here to help support you. Good luck!! emoticon
    2041 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Sending healing thoughts
    2041 days ago
    What ever you do, please take it easy and remember in takes 6 weeks to get over a major surgery, so don't push yourself!! That is an order!! LOL!! Seriously, take really good care of yourself, and just take it slow. I am so glad to hear that you are doing better.... HUGS!! Shannon
    2041 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    Ha. Troll doll. Well at least there's humor in all things, right?
    I'm so glad you're doing all right. PLEASE wait to exercise until you're feeling much better. The fitness world will wait for you, I promise.
    You will get back to good health and start your journey again and we'll be with you every step of the way!
    2041 days ago
    Praying for your rapid, complete, and happy recovery! God bless you. emoticon
    2041 days ago
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