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Yes, I am eating Mcdonalds,got a problem with that?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I woke up super late this morning, didn't have time to eat breakfast at home and forgot to grab something to take with, so I stopped at McDonald's and ordered an egg mcmuffin meal with a hot tea. I walked into work with my breakfast and you would have thought I came in topless. I work with all females, they are a wonderful, supportive group who were all there when I had my surgery. They encourage and motivate me but sometimes they are seriously food police. Co-worker A says"oh my God! are you going off your plan?!" Co-worker b says "Chrissy, you are so much stronger than this". Co-worker C says "you have worked too hard to give up now, give me your food"....ummmm NOOO! I had exactly half of the mcmuffin and half the hashbrown---came in under 300 calories and I was full without being stuffed. I felt that I had made a good choice under the circumstances, and do not feel guilty~!Especially since I know that I will be rocking a work-out tonight and that this was a once in a great while thing. But sill these ladies seem to think that I am on some slippery slope of fatness and that I am giving up...I am not giving up! But I am also not going to be a prisoner to eating "healthy"...I will have fast food on occasion, I will skip a work-out here and there, I will have an occasional glass of wine. I have another friend who is all about "clean" eating..so I stit with her and listen and shake my head and say uh-huh, and I see, but the reality is that for me "clean" eating means my plate and fork got ran through the dishwasher. Not really sure where this rambling blog is going today, it almost seems like I am justifying what I ate, but no justification is needed when I made a good choice..well, it is what it is!
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    I love my Mcdonalds, once in a blue moon and you made a good choice, with the egg Mcmuffin and tea!
    You are doing a great job and they need to rethink how they support you.
    2191 days ago
    When people become "food police" around me, it ends up backfiring and it sabotages me. I end up wanting to eat even more to kind of rebel and show I have control--not them. It's a messed up mentality, I know, but that's the honest truth. I feel for ya.
    2193 days ago
    No one mentioned McDs yogurt parfait! 1 $ and it has saved me many times when I have been on the road. cindy
    2193 days ago
    Great choice that was handled perfectly! You are doing awesome!!

    I'm sure their hearts are in the right place but OY!! Enough already!! Hopefully as time goes on and you continue to lose weight, they will see you are in control and know all about moderation. ;)

    Keep up the great work!!

    2195 days ago
    Out of all the foods at Mc Donald's the Egg McMuffin is one of their better choices anyway. It is actually a go-to food on the go becuase I know how many calories it has. Plain egg mcmuffin, no butter is under 300 calories. A great breakfast on the go with a tea.

    I think it is bad enough that we may feel self concious ourselves about going into a fast food place that your coworkers have to point it out to you. You're makin ggreat progress emoticon
    2195 days ago
    Ditto to everything that's already been said! Good for you for knowing what your body needs. I'm sure your co-workers have the best of intentions, but sometimes the best intentions aren't what we need!
    2195 days ago
    OMG! Sometimes it's people like your co-workers that MAKE me want to eat..."just to show them"! Proud of you for standing by your decision (lol sounds like one of your co-workers herself didn't have b'fast?!) and even more proud of you for stopping at half the muffin and half the hashbrowns and getting a tea to drink! YOU GO GIRL! :)
    2195 days ago
    LOL sorry they sound like they are a little too supportive. Although you have to give them credit at least they care. :)

    I was at mcdonalds a week ago tomorrow for supper. Got light headed and dizzy at the gym and just needed something quick! Before that it has probably been a month. I have to admit I go there occasionally but in moderation nothing is bad! you just have to watch your eating the rest of the day. :) You are doing awesome and definitely made the right choice eating breakfast.
    2196 days ago
    I loved,loved your blog! Your right there is nothing wrong with going to Mickey D's as long as it is moderate! For me I can't go there, and prolly won't till I am where I want to be! Sometimes it's a wonderful thing to have food police , they all mean well you know that! I won't let you fall off the wagon, I'll be right beside you and when you need that extra push you can count on me!! I'm proud of you, you are my MOTIVATON! Keep up the Great work, you can do this! emoticon
    2196 days ago
  • NAENAE1974
    And knowing you the way I do you told them in a nice way to MYOB your doing what your suppose to and you look wonderful.. so keep on keeping on...love ya
    emoticon emoticon
    2196 days ago
    It's all about moderation - one day isn't going to kill you! Besides, you should have some breakfast, just not McDonalds daily :)
    2196 days ago
    I agree with you!
    2196 days ago
    Oh you're making me giggle! I'm sorry you were caught by the food police at work this morning!
    I stopped in for McD's yesterday for breakfast and because one of the kids wasn't cooperating I had to stop there for lunch too! I wasn't happy with the lunch piece but I think I did rather well under the circumstances.
    Life happens and you're making so many great strides, not baby steps! I'm so proud of you!
    Keep rockin' Chrissy!
    2196 days ago
    I agree...good for you. Just because we are trying to lose weight, does not mean we have to give up everything. It is all in moderation. As long as you work it into your nutrition plan for the day, it's all good. I work in a preschool, and Wednesdays is french toast stick day, one of my favorites. Is it healthy, like oatmeal? Of course not, but I am not going to deprive myself to where I completely fall off the wagon. I just make sure to work it into my Wednesday meal plan, eat just a serving size, and eat a lighter lunch. There is nothing wrong with what you did, and sometimes people just need to relax! The last thing YOU need are people policing you. This weight loss journey is difficult enough as it is with out that. emoticon
    2196 days ago
    Good for you! I think you stayed right on plan, unfortunately it is human nature to judge others immediately and say something that maybe shouldn't be said. None of are perfect and I indulge every so often or take a day off from exercise too! Most importantly you are happy with your progress and that's great, keep up the great work!

    2196 days ago
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