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January 17: Day 135 of the 10+ Minute Fitness Challenge

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Fitness
I did 42 minutes of fitness today.

Today's Highlights
Today's highlight was practicing my tennis strokes outside in the cold this evening – one of my favorite ways to keep my strokes from falling apart when I'm not able to play that often.

Member Highlight

Fun to hear from a member who heard us on the radio!

Date: 1/16/2012 - 11:15 PM
Subject: Listened to a radio show you were on
Message: Sparkguy---

Sparkpeople advertised that they were on the radio daily, so I listened to a few of the shows, one with you, and the other with Coach Nicole.

A couple of things you said really hit home with me. First, how you committed to ten minutes a day of exercise and it helped you feel in control amidst your very busy life in Corporate America. That is absolutely true with me and exactly how I feel.

Second, you said there is a tipping point where your exercise routine really starts to payoff and it's generally between 3-6 months and that most people don't reach this benefit because they quit before then. (I am pretty sure you said this...maybe i read it in an article...i have been reading a ton of them.) Anyway, I thought back to some of my very successful workout seasons in my life and realized you were right (again).

So, thank you. These two things have been floating around in my brain and both inspire me to keep MOVING. :-)


We can all do it! I hope you had a great day! Did you get at least 10 minutes of fitness? What's your highlight?

Chris (SparkGuy)
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