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So, Here Is the Plan...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There has got to be a way for me to successfully deal with eating out. As my SP buddy GOROSIEO suggested, "...we have to develop this eating out system in our own heads for long term so it a) doesn't derail our efforts and b) we can maintain the system forever more causing it not to be a big trauma event every time."

So far, I haven't been able to do either. Sometimes, I followed the suggestions for eating out, made great choices, but then went off-track anyway because I wished I had made other choices. Sometimes, I just didn't try at all. Either way, it was the beginning of several days or weeks of being off-track. I can't keep repeating this pattern.

As I promised in yesterday's blog, I have spent considerable time since then reading SPARK articles and threads on the subject (definitely a GREAT resource), as well as reflected on some of the great responses I received on my blog. A lot of pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together.

In order not to derail my efforts, I need to stay within my calorie range. My plan: I will eat a light breakfast and lunch with lots of veggies so I am not starving; I will avoid the bread basket (okay...this one is a challenge for me...the bread at this restaurant is good, but not so good that I can't pass it up); I will order an entree that fits into the category of not-over-the-top-fat-and-calor
ies and only eat half of it; and I will stick to water as my drink of choice (I LIKE water, so that works for me).

What am I doing differently that will help me be successful when I go out tonight, as well as be something I will always be able to repeat on future occasions? For one thing, I told myself that this evening is not a special celebration worthy of splurging (again, thank you GOROSIEO for this thought), and there is no reason for me to go far off-track. I can focus on the good company and enjoy the evening. Another important thing that I am doing differently is that I have already planned what I am eating today to make it all work, and it is all in my tracker. I am happy with my choices and pleased that with careful planning they stay within my calorie range.

The other thing I will keep in mind this evening is that I will be writing about how it went in tomorrow's blog. I am thinking that little factor of accountability is going to be a big help.
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