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Brother, What a Day it Really Was!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Well, not exactly "WAS", because it ain't over yet.

I did 42 minutes with The Beast, doing the fat-tourching, calorie-blasting workout with her.

KINDA with her.

I did fairly well this morning with the warm up part. I actually pretty much kept up with her. But then came the rest of the workout.

It was supposed to be 30 minutes, but it took ME 42.

It takes longer if you have to stop and rewind the stupid video because you layed too long on the floor and needed to find out what I missed.

There is one part in particular I want to tell you about. That is the one-legged balancing act.

I have a hard time balancing on both feet, to say nothing of trying to balance with one leg LIFTED UP HIGH AND OFF TO THE SIDE OF MY BODY!!!

I tip over. I don't FALL; I TIP, just like the little tea pot, short and stout.

My first tip over landed on YeowLing. She let out a YEEEEOOOOOWWWWWLLLL, hissed, raised her back, and fled the room. Let me tell you, that cat has LUNGS!

DH came running in, and just by one look from me, he followed the cat out.

I get back up, and try to do the lifted leg off to the side again, and this time tip over into Flicka, my computer.

I have to take time out to pick up all the papers and junk that I knocked off the desk.

Rewind the video again. Find the last tip over spot, click play, and this time, I am much too clever to try the side leg raised thing while managing to move my arms holding weights, all at the same time.

I am woman, therefore, can multi-task. Some how, though, I can't seem to grasp it with Nicole's antics. My hands hold the weights, my arms move, and my feet stay put.

Then I do the back dip thing, and am supposed to bring the weights up in the air at the same time or something, and my feet get all tangled up, and I land on the rowing machine.

I pick my bruised, battered body back up, and wonder how many calories I burn when I do that.

Rewind, hit play again, and oh, goodie. Now she is on the floor with the weights. I look forward to this one, because it means I won't tip over and go through a wall or two.

I'm on the floor, on my back, legs bent, and have weights in my arms. We lift the weights up so they meet, and then down we go again. I can do this. Then we sit on the floor, and do some more arm things. Then we move on to leaning back, and do weighty things with our arms, which brings attention to not only the arms, but the abdomen, too.

While abdomen and arms whisper nasty things about me, I continue on. I'm pretty good at the weights as long as I am (a) sitting on the floor, (b) lying on the floor, and (c) standing on both feet.

I finally finish up with all the shenanigans she thinks of, and it is with great relief that I find myself still breathing and able to move my appendages without too much agony.

I stick the Beast and her DVD back in its holder, and gleefully shove it on the shelf. That takes care of HER for the day! Other than the pain she has caused me, I can forget about her for another 24 hours.

I pull out one of the DVDs of dancing, and give it a try. It's called "Body Groove with Misty Tripoli. It comes in a set of 4 different DVDs, so I begin with the first one. (That's because it sounds like the easiest.)

It is called "Spirit Groove", and she tells us to "move our bodies move to the rhythm of the music in whatever way feels right". Sounds good, doesn't it.

She does these suggestions of low-impact, high-energy workout, and it is actually fun.

I move my wrists, clench my hands, move my elbows, then shoulders, then hips, head...........all the while I am getting lost in the beat and the fun.

I haven't moved like that in a very long time, and I am beginning to suspect a new adventure awaits me as I go through these discs. I suspect I will once again claim my body freedom.

And guess what! Misty Tripoli isn't nasty and vindictive like Nicole. She doesn't expect me to balance on one foot or anything.........at least not so far!!

Brother! What a workout day it really was!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is a good thing we aren't doing this as a group effort .I have visions of us in a heap and yeowling laughing hysterical kitty laughter !
    2192 days ago
    Well, my 28 day Bootcamp DVD hasn't arrived yet, but Leslie Sansone of "Walk Away The Pounds" fame has a similar move. I've been trying off and on for three years now and I still can't stand on one leg and move the other leg without holding on to something. Fortunately the end of the bed is nearby - the perfect thing to tip into.
    2192 days ago
    LOLOLOL On Nicole,, I learned to be VERY SUSPICOUS of HER A LONG TIME AGO !! I also LEARNED it DOES take EXTRA cals to pick myself UP ! And to keep the phone nearby for 911 !!

    U ARE ADVENTEROUS !! U GO GIRL !! U GO !!! My admiration !
    2193 days ago
    Oh, dear, I haven't even unwrapped the video yet and now I am afraid to!
    2193 days ago
    OMG that was so funny. I tried doing her kickboxing routine for day one and almost hit myself - that's why I try to stay away from TaeBo!

    Oh the things we do for our bodies - and how they must hate us at times.
    2193 days ago
    That is so funny! I know I shouldn't laugh! I was doing one of the beast's ball videos and I fell off and went through the door of the wall unit cupboard! I should have learnt by now as its the 2nd time! LOL! What a pair we make and all in the name of exercise and challenges!
    Well done anyway! emoticon
    2193 days ago
    2193 days ago
    You definitely got a workout there with The Beast, but I think the "Spirit Groove' DVD sounds like a whole lot more fun to work out with!
    2193 days ago
    LOL you sound just like me!
    2193 days ago

    This reminds me of the first time I did a celebrity work out DVD & something 'went' in my knee. I had to go & pick up my son from school, so I was limping down the street dragging my leg behind me like Lurch, hanging onto railings. The stuff we do!
    2193 days ago
    You are too funny! I actually see myself as you are describing this. My balance is not good either. Glad you are still alive and able to move. Know you can't wait for tomorrow! emoticon
    2193 days ago
    Well I am glad you got up and kept going you will get better with time :D its ok it took you longer but it wont always :)
    2193 days ago
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