Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekends are the worst for me. Let me spell it out for you:

Saturday started off decent - workout/running clinic. Then it was downhill....1 everything bagel with cream cheese and a banana for breakfast. Follow that with 2 slices of Red Baron pizza...that wouldn't be a disaster. But tack on movie theater popcorn and Mexican nachos. Boy oh boy.

Sunday wasn't much better - eggs with ham and peppers, english muffin, corned beef hash. Follow that with Mexican chips and white sauce. Top it off with 5 Oreo's (craving) and a spaghetti dinner. Eeesh.

So, I'm annoyed and embarrassed that I ate like this. And, I am actually held accountable. I have to turn in my eating sheets. Shame I tell you. emoticon

But, that's ok. This is a new week and just because I was stupid for 2 days doesn't mean I can make changes. So, back to work I go with my healthy options and a new attitude. Just because I'm killing some serious calories during the week, does not mean I can go crazy and just binge on the weekends. So, lesson (re)learned. I need to stay in the game, stay focused, and if I want something, allow myself 1 SMALL something. Like 1 Oreo or 1 taco or 1 C popcorn...not an entire weekend of bad choices.

Today started off right - 1 banana, 1.5 C Smart Start cereal, 1.5 C milk. Lunch should be easy - peanut butter (Jiff all natural) banana sandwich, greek yogurt, orange & grapefruit salad, and an apple. After work, a serious workout with my boot camp team, then spaghetti dinner (with smart barilla pasta) and a BIG salad. Here's to a new week and the opportunity to make better choices.

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start. AND! Happy MLK day!
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