January 12, 2012 Rough Week

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Like the title says, its been a rough week. It started out pretty good. I got in all my work outs for the January Jump start challenge (I've been walking the treadmill for almost an hour and a moderate pace and slight incline) plus doing Coach Nicole's videos. Then Tuesday around lunch I felt like a ton of bricks had been dumped on me - yep I caught the cold/flu that's been going around my lab, hubby's lab, kid's schools - you name it this bugger's been there!

Then Wednesday, my 9 year old woke me up telling me that she didn't sleep well (hubby let her stay home from school 'cause she looked awful when he went to get her up for school), cause she couldn't lay on her right side - it hurt too much. I asked her to tell me where exactly the pain was and she said belly button up around to her right side. Now I'm not an MD, but sounds like appendicitis to me, so I do a quick Web MD search - in the meantime she starts hollering that she also feels really dizzy. I tell her to get some shoes on, I'm calling the doc. I explain what's going on to the doctor's office and they tell me to go to the ER. So, I call hubby and tell him I'm on my way to the ER with the 9yo, he should probably leave work and meet me there.

We get to the ER and she's triaged and brought back to a room, where we start waiting. She needs to go to the bathroom, so we let her go. While she's there (and no joke) just as the toilet's flushing, the nurse practioner comes in and says "Didn't anyone tell you we needed a urine sample?" Uh, NO! So, she gets examined and she definitely has tenderness in her abdomen, but she's able to move around pretty good for someone with an inflamed appendix. They take some blood and hook her up to an IV in the hopes that she will pee again. She thinks it's all pretty cool - she's quite the science geek, like Mom and Dad - so the nurses and doctor's were impressed with her composure and curiosity during the whole thing. Blood test and urine test (when she was finally able to go!) came back negative, but because she was in so much pain they also do an ultrasound (no CAT scan because of the radiation levels and her age). The problem is that this isn't a pediatric hospital and there is no one that is really very skilled at finding an appendix in a 9 yo, but the tech available thinks they can do it. We get the ultrasound and it comes back inconclusive - we're still not sure if they actually found it, but the tech said it's probably good she couldn't as it meant no inflammation. So she was realased for observation - I've got to take her to the pediatrician today for a follow-up. She says she feels better today, so fortunately it was all a false alarm.
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    Hope everything is ok, keep us posted. THoughts and prayers are with you.
    2229 days ago
  • BOSS61
    During your convalescence, at least you should have no problem hitting 8 glasses of water per day!
    2230 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Whoa, would not want to trade places with you! Tend to that and please keep us all posted. No one can do Spark while worrying and eating out of hospital vending machines. Really, good luck!

    When this all is behind you, I'll tell you about the toddler who decided to try and eat the little bulb from a nite-light. Until then, take care of #1! And just forget about Spark.
    2231 days ago
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