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New Goals and Rewards for 2012

Monday, January 09, 2012

Ok so the verdict is weight has climbed back up to 291 through the pregnancy. I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed in myself after having lost all the way down from 342 to 223 to have let it creep back up that high. The one thing I'm very proud of though is that I promised myself I'd never see a 3 at the front of my weight on the scale ever again and because I'm getting back on track now-I'm keeping that promise.

I'm not sure how to do this now with my time being even more limited, but I know I can. Before, it was just me and now it's me, my husband, and our beautiful baby boy. While time is even more of an issue than it was before I have something else that I didn't before and that's a whole new reason to do this and get healthy. In addition to being someone that my son can be proud of and being a good example for him, I have my husband who needs this even more than I do. He has come into my life and made my world a wonderful and amazing place to exist within and I want to give that back to him.

We sat down yesterday and each of us made a list of goals and rewards. It was actually a lot of fun and really motivating. I want to share my list here to keep me accountable and as soon as I get the chance I'll update my main page to reflect them as well.

So here we are...

Goal Reward
280 New Workout Video
275 Highlights and a trim
265 5 lb hand weights
250 LL Bean Duffels (1 small, 1 large)
240 2 new notebooks from Staples
235 New Cookbook
230 Perfume
223-where I was before Spa Day, hair mani-pedi, massage
215 New iPhone case
205 New workout clothes
Under 200 Personal Trainer
Within Range of 175-190 Get away with my husband
180 Movie Date with my favorite guy
Met goal of 175 New wardrobe and a trip that requires a passport

It's going to be more rewarding than ever checking these off as they are met because we are doing it together. It thrilled me to see him get so excited about it too. We spent an hour or more just sitting here and dreaming big while we made our lists. We want to have another baby in a year or two and I am trying to meet my goal weight by then...for my health AND my sanity!

I'm also realizing that while it's always important to take this journey for yourself, there can be extra motivation when you're also doing it for someone else. I mean, you have to do it for YOU no matter what, but when you can be an example, an inspiration and motivator for someone else the rewards of your success increase 10 fold!

I think it would serve us all well to keep that in mind. Someone is ALWAYS watching your success and you could be their hope, their proof it can be done, their reason to try.

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