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Score one for the "Little Guy"

Sunday, January 08, 2012

In taking nutrition classes for the WLS that I've decided not to have, I caught on to the recommendation to eat cottage cheese. All debate about alternative foods aside, (including the benefits of going nonfat vs low fat) I've made some observations in my cottage cheese consumption that caught me off guard.

Well, maybe off guard is a bit too strong...but I noticed and it affects my nutrition tracker, so it's a valid observation none the less.

My grocery store carries 6 oz low fat cottage cheese cups, like yogurt cups, but only in the store brand (Sunnyside). I picked up some on sale a couple weeks ago and found them more than convenient to add to my breakfast. No measuring cups, nice product, no fuss!

The day before yesterday I was at Costco and picked up a huge tub of low fat Knudsen Cottage Cheese. The price was right, and it's a name brand (yes, I'm an advertising exec's dream, I love my name brands, but lets not get into a debate about my consumer preferences here) so it's sure to be good and worth the dirty measuring cup. Right? Au contraire...

Aforementioned Knudsen Cottage Cheese is much more creamy than Sunnyside. Umm, okay. Creamy is not runny, so even though I prefer my cottage cheese less creamy I'm sure I can adapt (now I'll point out that one of the reasons I prefer to go a name brand route is because the product is supposed to be uniform in quality, and available no matter where you go. I have to be in the mood to experiment with food, but again, I digress...sorry). Runny, however, is a game loser and not negotiable. I measure out my 6 oz, adorn with salt and pepper, and after my workout, head to my laptop to eat along with my 2 boiled eggs and sliced orange.

I log in my nutrition for breakfast and search for Knudsen...enter 6 oz...and....What the heck!? 150 calories!!! Wait. Wait. Wait. I search back to two days previous (had to skip that day of yogurt substitution) and look. Yup. I wasn't hallucinating. Sunnyside is 25 calories less! Doh!! Over a week that's enough to squeeze out a serving of Wavy Lays (about 11 chips!). That's just WRONG! Well, maybe I'm gaining other benefits nutritionally. Scanning the rest of the numbers, I discover that my only gain for those 25 calories is One. Single. Gram. Of. Protein. ONE. I also consume 3 more carbs and get no bonus break on fat (no, I'm not interested in hearing that if I went non-fat I'd do better, thanks anyway). Now I'm incredulous. Isn't that just spiffy...NOT!

Today I scoop out my cottage cheese, annoyed that I have to now wash the measuring cup too, and I set it aside as I do an extra couple of minutes on the exercise bike to compensate. I'd find it much more rewarding (and so totally worth it) to have to lengthen my workout to accommodate something divine, like a hot fudge sundae, but I curse my cottage cheese selection as I pedal for those additional 2 minutes instead. (I prep my food before I bike, letting my boiled eggs cook and also giving time to allow the chill to fall off the cottage cheese as I prefer it closer to room temp. 10 or so minutes later, my morning workout is done and breakfast is ready :) )

Next week I shall buy the cups of Sunnyside, not caring that I could save about $3 buying the national name brand at the warehouse. I like my convenience of less dishes, I like my less creamy, and I like my 25 calories spent elsewhere! So here's one for the little guys, they've got something on the big boys (or girls, heck Knudsen could be run by women for all I know LOL); they get my money and I get my 25 calories back.

I'll just have to be happy that I did save .20 a pound on those uber delicious navel oranges instead.
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  • MOM23JS
    Great blog and thanks for sharing this!

    1985 days ago
    This was great fun, and good to know. Thanks for sharing!
    1990 days ago
  • LAURA95368
    Wowee!!! Who'da thought? I have never liked cottage cheese, but have thought about giving it another try (since it's probably been 30 years since I've tasted it). room temp with salt and pepper might make it a little more enjoyable. Thanks for posting this blog, I will grap a cup of Sunny Select on my next trip to Save Mart :)
    1992 days ago
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