Wow.... I'm really doing it.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I finally found my measuring tape (although technically you're only supposed to measure once a month and the last time I did was Dec 11 but I had been wanting to for a week now). It's early and I'm tired and I measured before pulling up my old numbers. And at first I was like....hmmm....well I am losing weight just not inches...and so I squeezed the thing tight and tried to get a smaller number, went to pull up my old stats and then realized.... (I can't believe I am sharing but....) I was wrong about my starting size. (just in my head this morning). I remember measuring myself in the summer and having (eeeeekkkkk) 54 inch waist and 58 inch hips. So this morning, when I was seeing 48/44 I thought gee, I sure haven't lost much.

I have lost 10 inches off my hips and waist since summer. And more inches everywhere else.

The scale was my friend this week. I lost over 5 pounds. (I had a 2 pound weight gain at the end of December that I didn't record so really it was just losing that again and then 3 more).

I went on my exercise bike for 15-20 minutes everyday but one last week.

I did my Just Dance "workout" (which again, I am not including as a workout as I barely break a sweat but it gets me dancing for 15-20 minutes) 5 days last week.

I had just one (truly, 1) bite of chocolate.

I am prepped and ready to go for this week. 3 pounds or burst!
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