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Let life come to you or Seize The Day!!!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

emoticon Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee and join me! I feel a blog coming on. Lately, I have been mulling over things and it just keeps coming to mind that there are so many different ways to live your life and lots of time it isn't clear what path we should take. I think that many times, we just wait and see what happens in life. That sounds okay until I actually THINK about it. I mean, what if I turn 70 and nothing has happened? Famous athletes don't just sit at home and wait for a pro team to come and hire them to play. They get out there and play their game. The try-out, practice, and enjoy their life. Same with artists. They didn't just decide, "Hey! I think I will start painting and immediately paint a picture that becomes priceless." They actually paint and enjoy it and eventually someone notices and they get attention. But, I will just about bet that it was never about making money at it or being famous for them, it was about enjoying what they were good at.

I was at UNC when Michael Jordan was playing basketball. I ran into him and a few of his teammates from time to time on campus. What really still sticks with me today is not that they were great basketball players. What I remember was that they were just guys. I even thought James Worthy was a football player because I met him in the fall after he had broken his ankle and I had severely sprained mine and we both ended up in physical therapy at the same time. He laughed at me when I asked him about football. My dad was just mortified when he found out I met him and thought he was a football player. I didn't read the sports section, but my dad did. He was one of the top ranked freshmen entering the college sports field that year. Well, DAD!! He was just a guy!! He loved basketball.

After Michael Jordan went pro, there was a blurb on a local news channel about him playing a pick-up game of basketball in Wilmington either near or at his former high school. He didn't do it because it made him any money. In fact, I figure he probably shook his head with the news coverage and wondered that the local media didn't have anything better to report on besides a guy shooting some hoops with his friends. I know that I certainly wondered that when I saw the story run at 6:00pm. I mean, was there nothing else happening that day? Are we going to have to start watching local celebs walk around the block for excitement? It was a pick-up game for a bunch of high school friends. They played because they enjoyed it.

So, here's the thing. I have a choice to make. I can either sit back and take what life hands me or I can actually pursue the things I love and enjoy. What if the things I enjoy don't just happen for me? Do I sit back years from now and regret that I never took advantage of the time I have now to pursue those dreams? How am I going to feel when it is too late? How do I feel that I haven't gotten started yet already?

Well, I'll tell you exactly how I feel. I love to write. I love music. I love to read. I am pretty sure I will love to be skinny and healthy for the rest of my life. So, what now? This is it! I am going to Seize the Day!!! emoticon

I am already looking back at my life and thinking about what has happened. I have things I am truly grateful for and proud of. I am glad I never moved away from my family. I truly enjoy them and want to be near them. I am VERY grateful to God for working it out for us to adopt the little wild man. (I am glad God ignores me when I feel like maybe I made a mistake!) emoticon I am glad I started ringing handbells and am very grateful that I have been able to direct our youth handbell choir, Bellievers, since 1998 at my church. I am also glad that I take every opportunity I can to write.

However, I look back and can see a few places that I have not been satisfied and have fallen short. So today is here now and I can change those things right now, or I can sit back and think about how I never took a chance to make a few things happen.

So, here is my fork in the road....quit or pursue. Today, I choose to pursue. (Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I don't intend to worry about tomorrow. I have today and this is the only day I can live in.)

So, I have just a few things I really love and want to spend more time on.

1. I am going to write a book. I don't care if it is any good or not, I just want to do it. I am starting today.

2. I want to lose weight. I remember feeling wonderful when I was healthier and slimmer. I am starting today. I start every day on this one. Every day is day one. Doesn't mean I cheated, but just every morning is a new start. The book will be different. The progress will be in the pages unlike my weight. Weight is different. Whatever is there is there and you can only attack that truly one day at a time.

3. I want to really work on giving my handbell ringers a chance to grow and succeed in their music. Before I became a mom, I had lots of time to develop activities and plans for them and the last 7 years have been tough. Justin is now 7 and not as dependent on mommy, so it is time to begin to really focus on my group of girls.

I think those three things will be all I need for now. That is plenty. Those are the 3 things that are solely mine that I want to tackle. emoticon
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    I'm not much of a capre diem person. I think this article describes it best
    2235 days ago
    I have always worried that maybe my blogs were too long, but hey you put me to shame...just kidding. I have also put off doing things...but the #1 thing was to get healthy & lose weight. I'm 62 & I now feel that it is not too late...thanks to SP & some really healthy decisions I have made. Take care...

    2237 days ago
    Right! Carpe diem!
    2240 days ago
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