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Smudging the Slate with My Sleeve

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A "clean slate" mentality doesn't serve me well at all.

So I'm just smudging off the nonsense and starting from whatever's left. How's that?

Still convinced that sugar is a bad idea (for me). Artificial sweeteners are no better, but I still need to be vigilantly aware of things that trigger wanting more and more of the same, for no good reason. Cupcakes be damned. Endocannabinoids are produced by fat and lead to the "munchies" and wanting more... well, cupcakes. Gotta watch that, too - although I'm not cutting out fat, because God knows, my brain needs it.

I've come to the conclusion that coconut milk (the kind in cans and cartons - not the stuff tapped straight from a coconut) is just nasty. I love Pure Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, though, and at 35 calories a cup, it's a nice substitute for milk. It also seems to work just fine in baking - used it to make Pouding Chômeur
g-chomeur-55324 over the holidays, and it was lovely. (I did use real cream for the cream, though.)

I haven't cut out cheese completely (except for "pasteurized, processed cheese" and "cheese foods"), but it's no longer a go-to snack, and I have few headaches these days.

I need to give up chocolate for the next 50 lbs. Period. No negotiating. No cookies, either. Especially NO COOKIES. Larabars are ... a gateway food. I think I need to avoid them, too.

So I guess I'm not really doing the Paleo thing, anymore. I don't like feeling as though I'm "cheating" by having a piece of bread, and I need more fiber than I can easily get without the All Bran. Back to the old "sensible diet," but I've always done better by bumping up the protein and limiting carbs, and continue to do so.

Dishes, pots, and pans are still easier to clean without sauces and starches.

I cannot believe I wrote that last entry in AUGUST. That's how long I've had the tennis shoes I just started using THIS WEEK? That's pathetic. But at least I'm back to hitting the gym.

And this time, I wore brass knuckles.

Oh - one funny thing - I had to Google my own anatomy this week. Apparently, my triceps need serious work. I woke up after my first "real workout" of the year, fairly panicked because I tried to scratch my ear and couldn't bend my elbows. I mean OUCH. At first, the pain was pretty much localized to ONLY my elbows. After a while, I could manage it, but it brought tears to my eyes. No - it's not age and arthritis. It's puny, weak-a** triceps. Yesterday, my arms ached all over and felt like hot lead. But I could move them, at least. They're still working, and I made 'em work again last night. They're starting to give up the protest, too. The trainer laughed at me, but just said "Keep at it."
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    Oh, trust me, I'm not overdoing it at all.

    But the weird thing is - DIFFERENT things hurt now than hurt a few years ago, and it's surprising. On the other hand, the exercise that was a LOT easier (shoulder press) and didn't make me dizzy like it used to, is also the one I think I can't do at all anymore because it impinges on the tendons and nerves in my shoulder. (Just the right shoulder, and it was a problem a couple of years ago - unrelated to exercise.)

    Believe me, when my body starts to talk back to me, I do listen. ;) It wasn't half as angry about some of that as it was pretending to be, though.
    2197 days ago
    Glad to see you here again! I'm having sugar issues, too. Just cooked myself some eggs to drown out the sound of the brownies calling my name from the cupboard ... but I have bought the ingredients to make paleo brownies, I'll try and make those tomorrow.

    Holly, remember the 80/20 rule. Nobody will take away your paleo license if you have bread now and again. Just see how you feel. Myself, I find that if I let myself go on a sugar rampage my gut lets me know in no uncertain terms, so that's pretty motivating. You've got to listen to your body.

    About killing yourself exercising, slow down, OK, buddy? I did my first kettlebell class of this session on Thursday, and I can BARELY MOVE. Pot calling the kettlebell black, LOL. But at least I was able to do everything, as opposed to the last class in December when I was so weak and sick I could barely lift the thing (and scared the instructor half to death by nearly passing out). So happy to be feeling better!

    So, hang in there, sweetheart. Remember you've got a huge cheering section rooting for ya ;-).
    2197 days ago
    :) Well that makes me happy!! Gosh, now that you put it in those terms - 40 lbs. ago - it seems like only yesterday! How encouraging! I mean, a semester, more or less, right? I've got twice that to lose, this time around, but that's a start.
    2206 days ago
    Well, it was your August entry that got me to join and that was 40 pounds ago. So thanks! :)

    Glad to see you posting again :) and now I know what your FB status meant about moving your arms, lol.

    I love cheese and chocolate, but have no problem sticking to reasonable portions, thank goodness :) It's almost scary how easy this whole lifestyle change has been for me. It just must have been the right time. So, thanks again :)

    2206 days ago
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