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Running Goals 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

January 3, 2012

Today I begin Week 2 of Couch to 5K. This is my fifth year doing it, but I’m starting much earlier. Usually I start in April. One of my goals is to run a 10k this year. I found an article in Runner’s World –


- that recommends running 20 miles a week with a long run of six miles. I would do the six miles on a weekend, I think. Then that leaves 14 miles to divide over three additional days of running. That’s a lot for me – if I can accomplish this, it may be my year!

First things first, I must finish the C25k. I have a race planned for February 26th. I should finish Week 9 right before the race. I wanted to do a race to benefit cardiac research this year and found only one – thankfully it is in Chicago and accessible. It’s an inaugural race at McCormick Place, running indoors. Max is 2500 people. Should be interesting.

The article recommends simple yoga twice a week as well. I keep hearing this and need to find a decent yoga DVD. I have P90x yoga, but is 1.5 hours long and is difficult. Definitely not for beginners. I put a request out on a few Spark running forums for recommendations.

The same article recommends higher protein to preserve lean muscle mass and control appetite. I know I don’t get enough protein but this is something I will specifically work on.

“Include protein in every meal.
A 2010 study found that athletes were more successful losing weight with a diet that was 35 percent protein than one that was 15 percent protein. "Protein preserves lean muscle mass and controls appetite," she says. But it should be lean, such as poultry, fish, lean meats, beans, lentils, soy food, and yogurt.”

More water is a must. I also know I’m not staying hydrated. I can’t stand drinking water when I’m not thirsty, but I’ll also work on this. Ugh.

From the Article -

“Be More Consistent
 - Ask elite runners for the number one "secret" of their success and the most common response is one word: consistency. "Consistent training promotes the physiological changes which are necessary for better performance, while inconsistent training stresses the body and can lead to injury," says Robert Martin, a San Diego running coach and personal trainer.

"Start with a reasonable goal, develop a plan, then record your workouts and progress," says Martin. "If that's not enough motivation to not skip workouts, find a coach or a training buddy who can help you keep your feet to the fire, and announce your goals to friends, family, and coworkers." Social media is a good place to declare your running plans, too, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, dailymile.com, or runnersworld.com (Forums or The Loop). If all else fails, for every mile you run reward yourself with $1 toward a trip or something else you desire. Just don't confuse consistency with rigidity. It's okay to skip a run for a legit reason; it's not okay to repeatedly skip them if your reasons are as thin as an Ethiopian marathoner.”

I usually do the Metlife Duathlon every June (run 2 miles, bike 11, run 2 miles) but I really enjoy trail running. I found a race in northern Indiana that is quite small and is a 5k trail, bike 12 miles, 5k trail. It describes the trail as “challenging” with a “thigh burner hill.” Should be interesting!

Some good advice on Trail Running –

Try Real Trail Running -
Melody Fairchild had success on the track as America's first high-school girl to break 10 minutes in the two-mile, and then on the roads as a frequent race champion. But one of her favorite surfaces is the trail—twisting, turning, undulating paths, not smooth rail-trails or dirt roads.

y adjusting your stride to maneuver over rocks and roots forces you to run more on your midfoot and forefoot, which teaches you to run more efficiently," she says. "After a trail run, your muscles feel completely worked because you're going up, down, and sideways. It's the fast track to gaining fitness. Plus, driving to a scenic trail makes it an outing."

Find nearby trails at trailrunner.com, or ask at a running shop. Fairchild, who leads trail-running camps in Colorado, says to gauge your workout by elapsed time, not distance—otherwise you'll get frustrated because you'll compare your pace to road runs.

Spend enough time off-road and you may want to consider buying trail-specific running shoes, which have better traction and are made of protective material that shields the feet from sharp objects.

Trail races (5-K to 100 miles) are also an option. Train for one to two months on similar terrain to condition your body to the special demands of running off-road."

Last year I became a Garmin addict. This year I’m running without it. I was so intent on improving my 5k time whether it was a “training” run or an actual race. Ridiculous and most likely sidelined any potential success. This year I’m running for enjoyment. I want to try a few cross country races and the duathlon I mentioned above. I would also like to do a 10k race. I will wear my Garmin but not until I’m done with the C25k training plan and then only once a week for my long runs.

From the Article - "Developing leg strength with hill running, core strength with core exercises, speed with intervals, and improved fitness with recovery days are all important when you pursue a PR," says Mike Norman, head coach of Chicago Endurance Sports. "Training consistency and good nutrition are also important."

Oh I would love to do a 30-minute 5K this year. Sigh. I should probably change that to “I will do a 30-minute 5k this year!”

So here are my goals for this year. I’m sure they will need a bit of tweaking or some creativity along the way, but I feel good about having a plan.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looks great!!! You've got this!
    1896 days ago
    Love this blog! Thanks for sharing, a lot of good info for me as I consider doing a triathlon this summer.
    2258 days ago
    Sound like some great goals and a solid plan to achieve them. Here's to that sub 30 5K! This WILL be our year!
    2259 days ago
    Awesome! Sounds like you are motivated, woohoo! I find that reading this kind of stuff motivates me too. I am reading whatever I can get my hands on at the library right now and I am motivated also.
    Sounds like you have an interesting year ahead of you!
    2270 days ago
  • REEKU731
    OMG I love all your goals! This is an amazing plan for this year!!! I truly think you're going to ROCK all of these things and I can't wait to hear all about your progress as the year goes on!!!

    2270 days ago
  • SALEE100
    I love all the research you've done. You've inspired me! Good luck with your goals! emoticon

    I'm currently unable to run due to a knee injury. I'm having knee surgery next week and I'm hoping the knee will allow me to run in the not too distant future! It's amazing how much I miss running when I'm unable to do it.
    2271 days ago
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