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Happy New Year!

Monday, January 02, 2012

I'm doing the January Jumpstart, and the BC Girls January Challenge. The BCG challenge was to post our goals on a blog, which is good, because I wrote down my goals yesterday, but didn't give much thought to how I'm going to get there emoticon. So here goes.

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions; I believe making them sets yourself up for disappointment, or at least in my experience that's what happens.

I am, however, all for spending part of New Year's Day setting attainable and realistic goals for the coming months/year.

Yesterday I took a look at my goals from last year and compared them to where I'm at now, and where I want to be 6 months from now. Today, I re-evaluated what worked for me, what didn't, what jams my motivation, and what makes me feel amazing.

I made a list of things I want to accomplish this year and I'm figuring out what I need to do to get there. Here's a list of the big ones:

1.) emoticon Run a 10k Race (Race day is Sunday, April 15th)

2.) emoticon 8 cups of water a day (attainable now) and work my way up to 5+ servings of emoticon and emoticon

3.) emoticon Reach my Goal Weight (by July) and learn to maintain (for life!)

4.) emoticon Get my Body Fat % under 23.0

5.) emoticon Tone my bottom end, then buy (and wear) a bathing suit that doesn't have a skirt to hide it emoticon

6.) emoticon Learn to manage stress.

7.) emoticon End 2012 proud of what I've accomplished; proud of my body and my health and not worried about having to 'start over' in 2013

emoticon How I'm gonna get there:

1.) 10K Race: emoticon Yoga, Yoga, Yoga! I've learned that nothing is better for my ITBand-bummed knee than the strength-training and stretching techniques that yoga offers. emoticon My gym offers the class 4 times a week - 2 of those classes fit my schedule effortlessly. I'm making the commitment to start back tomorrow. Plus, I love the class, and once I'm at the gym, I usually want to crank out some cardio.
emoticon Find an interval training program in the next week, to follow: I like Jeff Galloway's 10k, 14wk program, but I might try SP's 5k Your Way to get me going (plus, I joined that challenge back in October, but never completed it.)

2.) H20 & Freggies: emoticon I usually drink 6-8 cups of H20 a day, but I want to do 8 every day. Starting my day with water rather than coffee and working out consistently will help: working out = thirst, thirst = water consumed. I miss the days when I'd logged 6 cups before dinner.
emoticon and emoticon is harder for me. mainly because I don’t enjoy a lot of veggies, and get tired easily of the same old selections. I think the trick here isn’t to find different veggies I like, but to find different ways to prepare the ones I do like. Also, fruit protein smoothies after my workouts instead of eggs/sandwiches/etc. will go a long way to up the freggie intake.

3.) Goal Weight: emoticon My birthday is mid-July. I want to be at my goal weight by then – I’m 15lbs off of it now – that’s less than one pound a week loss! Totally attainable!
emoticon Losing it: Activity, activity, activity!! Get off my butt and do something! It’s that easy. My focus for the January is just to DO something every day. Yoga 2x/week, and running 2x/ week (30min or 4-5k is all I’m after – nice and easy.) Eating well! Track my food, lots of water and freggies galore!
emoticon Maintaining it: ST, ST, ST!!! I know cardio works for my body for weight-loss, but strength-training is the way to go for maintenance. Eating well and tracking food!! (funny how that one shows up multiple times :P )

4.) BF %: emoticon Body Fat loss = Strength-training and vice-verse. Get my butt to the gym. Find new ways to fit in ST (rock climbing, SP vids, etc.) when I need to shake up my gym routine (‘cause I can’t afford a trainer every 8 weeks!) emoticon
The 23% is really just a shot in the dark – I really don’t know how consistently my body looses fat, and since I want to focus more on cardio for the next few months (for the 10k), I may not hit this by July. That’s okay; as long as I see improvement by then. I do want to see by BF% under 23.0 by year’s end if it’s not attainable by July.

5.) Bottom End: emoticon I'm a pear-shape emoticon Good for me considering the obesity and heart disease that runs in my family, but sooo frustrating to try and target! Doing just about any activity will benefit this, but what really works for me is: Walking – especially hills and stairs. emoticon Yoga is great, too. emoticon And Coach Nicole's butt-blaster vids emoticon emoticon

6.) Stress: emoticon That's easy: Exercise! emoticon Seriously, though, it’s hard for me to make the time to exercise when I’m on a deadline and freaking out about all the things that need to be done. The busiest part of the year for me is January to April. After that, things calm some, to a manageable level. After July, the projects are done for another year, and I’m free to enjoy my summer.
Procrastination is a biggie for me. If I can learn not to procrastinate (as much), I’ll be okay and find more time to be healthy. How do I mange this? Setting goals, of course. Which I’ll do as soon as I’m done posting this blog. emoticon

7.) 2012 Accomplishments: emoticon I entered 2011 weighing 143-145lbs. I was getting closer but had hit the dreaded plateau. I told myself in 2010 I would ‘get slimmer’ but never made a plan to do so. 2011 found me back at SP consistently, making goals, making friends, joining teams and challenges, and back at the gym, reaching outside my comfort zone and joining fitness classes. By July 2nd, I was at 130lbs, a size 4-6, looked better than I did at my high-school graduation (13 years ago!) and was so proud of myself!

Now, at the beginning of 2012, I’m at 138lbs (no, I'm not posting a pic of that emoticon ) Sure, not where I was a year ago (thank goodness!) but not impressed with myself. The difference this year is I know I can get to ‘that place’ where I’m happy, healthy and the scale doesn’t cry when I step on it. I know how to set (and reach) attainable goals, what foods like my body, what calorie range my body is happy at, and what exercises I enjoy. I also know I can’t keep up this yo-yo stuff forever. My age is against me, and so is my family’s health history. I HAVE to learn a healthy lifestyle NOW unless I want to end up frustrated, confused about eating habits and unhealthy like my parents are. Nope, not me – in 20 years, I want to be that young-looking Grandma with the hot bod and tons of energy to chase the grandkids with! emoticon

There are many other things I want to accomplish as well, but these are the ones that have been hanging around year after year. Other, smaller goals, will be accomplished along with the biggies.

Wishing you all a successful, happy, healthy 2012. Our journey to better health starts now! emoticon
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    You have done an amazing transformation. Way to go.
    967 days ago
    Awesome u can do it
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