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A&I BSG TEARS: January Goals * REVOLUTION update days 77-81

Sunday, January 01, 2012

I've decided to drop the word "goal" from my vocabulary this year. I'll make another post about my year's plans, and I'll explain a bit more then; for now, what you need to know is that I've decided to call the things I hope to achieve this month ASPECTS. Now, that probably doesn't make a lot of sense without all the other information, but I promise it will be clearer soon!

So my ASPECTS for January are as follows:

Family: Make a family newsletter and send it out. Plan for a "date night" once a week.

Friends: Write a letter to a non-local friend. Plan replacement meets with Gale since I'll be working on Mondays.

Household: Finish getting my sewing room organized. Do up 2010 financial statements and start working on getting my back taxes filed.

Personal: Try to do something active every day, and eat fruits and vegetables more often. Notice when my stress levels are beginning to get a bit high (what I do once I've noticed is up for grabs; right now I want to focus on just realizing it's happening). Daily devotions right after I wake up in the morning. Make my daily plan the night before.

Work: Keep working on theory and iUniversity psych courses. Keep working through my writing timeline spreadsheet.


REVOLUTION - 100 Days Challenge

Phase 8!

Instincts: Your new, healthy habits are becoming second nature by now. You are changing, inside and out. Open up to the team about what you have learned so far.

Day 71 Weigh in/Decide what you can improve from Phase 7 (Thursday, December 22, 2011)

225.5 lbs today - I am so confident that I am not going to get above 230 lbs ever again!

I did really well last phase with avoiding candy. I'm going to keep focusing on that (cold turkey is really the only thing that works for me with this sort of thing) and make sure I take my Adderall every morning, since that helps curb the carb craving. I eat lots of carbs to self-medicate since the brain relies on sugar to function; the problem is that too many carbs increase my risk for diabetes, and the sugar I get from them doesn't last long enough to really benefit my ability to function. I try to eat a higher-protein diet (and, hence, higher-fat... but we don't get fat from eating fat, so that doesn't matter so much) because proteins and fats are what really help with brain function.

I DIDN'T get out for any runs (maybe one?) and I wasn't very active during the last phase. I'm going to do my best to find those wind pants and an insulated windbreaker (and a balaclava and a neck warmer) so I can get out for a run at least twice a week. Hopefully I can get those necessary items during this phase!

So... I am going to focus on my activity level this phase. I need to increase it. I need to do my physio every day (it really helps me keep from being in constant pain). And I'm going to see what kinds of dance tutorials I can find on YouTube so I can start learning to dance and get active that way! (Now I just need to find a way to make strength training more fun and interesting - any ideas?)

Finally, I am going to try to make sure I get AT LEAST seven hours of sleep every night. I need at least seven to feel truly rested (eight is better). This means I need to go to bed by 11.00 p.m. It's one of my goals for Health Month, but I only have to do it one night per week over there, and that's easy. I'm going to aim for eight nights out of ten for this phase.

Okay, in summary, my three focuses (foci?) this phase are:
1. DON'T eat candy and DO take Adderall every day!
2. DO learn to dance and DO get hold of the rest of the outdoor running stuff I need!
3. DO be in bed before 11.000 p.m. for at least eight nights!

Day 72 Share what has changed about your state of mind since starting the challenge (Friday, December 23, 2011)

My state of mind...? I'm not sure how much is attributable to the challenge itself and how much is attributable to finding things that work for me, but I feel more in control of my life in general, and somewhat calmer.

Day 73 Identify and release old anger (Saturday, December 24, 2011)

Old anger, huh? I still get upset about not being diagnosed as a kid. How different would my life be if I'd had help learning to manage my ADHD back then? I can't change that, and this is the life I have, but I still wonder and sometimes it does make me kind of angry. I'm not mad at anyone in particular, since I know that it's not something that's easy to notice in girls (especially not back then, especially not with people who have high IQs, and especially not the type I have). I'm just upset about the circumstances, I guess. I think it's one of those things that I'm always going to cycle through. I'll be fine for a while, and then something will happen and I'll get mad about it (and discouraged and so on), and then I'll be okay again. Whenever I get mad, I write about it, though. I think that's a more productive way of dealing with this type of anger than anything else I could do.

(This question = hard because, due to my ADHD, I tend to express my anger in the moment and then it's all gone. I don't really hold grudges.)

Day 74 Perform a random act of kindness (Sunday, December 25, 2011)

On Christmas...? I'm trying to think if I did perform any RAK, but I don't think I did. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least.

Day 75 Post something inspirational (Quote, photo, song lyrics) (Monday, December 26, 2011)

I posted a photo! It's of me the night of J's work Christmas party. I love my outfit and how I look in that picture. I actually made it the first picture on my SparkPage, so you can go look over there. It's inspirational to me because of how I look all dolled up for the party, and how the outfit emphasizes my curves (which I really do love), and how you can tell that I have a waist. I think it also shows that my belly is not huge and makes me look a bit slimmer through my middle, which is also inspiring to me.

Day 76 Drink an extra 16 ounces of water (Tuesday, December 27, 2011)

I will try and I will report back on this next time I post about this Challenge. emoticon

I don't think I made it. I drank other things, but not water.

Day 77 Try a new fitness activity (Wednesday, December 28, 2011)

Sadly, I did not get to do this at all. Last week was not conducive to such things AT ALL!

Day 78 Identify something you like about your personality (Thursday, December 29, 2011)

I like that I am friendly and open. I'm a bit shy at first, but I really like people and I like making new friends.

Day 79 Review food and fitness logs to be sure you're logging accurately (Friday, December 30, 2011)

Did not log anything.

Day 80 Examine phase 8 victories (Saturday, December 31, 2011)

Here's what I had chosen to focus on:
1. DON'T eat candy and DO take Adderall every day!
2. DO learn to dance and DO get hold of the rest of the outdoor running stuff I need!
3. DO be in bed before 11.000 p.m. for at least eight nights!

And here's how I did:
1. I ate candy on Christmas Day and on Friday, and I missed my Adderall about half the days.
2. I didn't have time to try any YouTube dance lessons, and I haven't been able to look for the running equipment.
3. I didn't manage that, either. Holidays are so bad for stuff like this!

But you know what I DID do?

I ate more vegetables and more fruit. So I think that counts as a victory. emoticon

On to Phase 9!

Opportunities: The finish line is in sight. Are you excited? Scared? Proud? Spread the word about the challenge. Share your accomplishments with a friend.

Day 81 Weigh in/Decide what you can improve from Phase 8 (Sunday, January 1, 2012)

I weighed in at 222 lbs this morning!

I am going to focus on getting some type of physical activity in every day, and I am going to focus on continuing this trend of eating more fruits and vegetables.

Day 82 Tell a SparkFriend (or a friend who isn't on Spark yet) about what you have accomplished in this challenge
Day 83 Identify and eliminate a personal fear
Day 84 Go to bed early
Day 85 Post something inspirational (Quote, photo, song lyrics)
Day 86 Drink an extra 8 ounces of water
Day 87 Try a new healthy food
Day 88 Identify something you like about your body
Day 89 Review food and fitness logs to be sure you're logging accurately
Day 90 Examine phase 9 victories
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Janna!
    Great ASPECTS for January!

    You are really organized....you will do GREAT!
    2201 days ago
    I'm interested about why you chose to use the words aspects instead of goals. You've divided up your aspects into all areas of your life and they seem to be attainable. emoticon blog and aspects! emoticon
    2204 days ago
    very good goals! I'm checking out adderall... what's with aspects? YOu have to blog on them now!! That's an order missy!! LOL!
    2204 days ago
    janna, I think you set some aweome aspects for yourself. I believe they are all reachable.

    2206 days ago
  • RFJSJ50
    I too am intrigued by your use of the word "aspects." Please tell us more.
    Stay focused, determined, and strong.
    2206 days ago
    I'm intrigued about your reason behind the word aspects. Your aspects look great, and I like how you divided them into areas of your life. I am doing that, too, so I can create a balance in my focus. emoticon emoticon
    2206 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    emoticon blog. Your list of aspects sound quite doable. Stay focused and you'll do emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2206 days ago
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