2012: A New Year To A New Me (Rather Long)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Before I move onto my goals for January I'd like to take a moment or two to reflect on 2011 and what happened in this year for me.

First off. This is the first year I've had when I've had a job. I only ever did seasonal work and I finally got a job back in June 2010 and even know I'm sill working there and truly enjoying it.

Second, I met a guy, ok it's a lot more complicated because there are things about this boy than I plan on keeping secret so I'm not judged, but he's a boy but I honestly can't see it working out between me. Not because he is 12 years older than me, that doesn't bother, but the circumstances he was in when I met him. I can see them becoming a problem, but hopefully it will work out and who knows what 2012 will hold for me. I don't know!

I had a lot of nights out and family time in 2011 and I think I came more out my shell more. I was the type of girl to dance with family, talk to them at the table and that was in. 2011 involved me actually talking to guys and I plan on keeping it that way in 2012.

I got a new phone. Probably not as important for everyone but it was for me as it was my first contract phone which meant I had to learn to not spend all my money as soon as I got it. I have a problem with money. If I have it, I spend it. Need to learn on that.

2011 wasn't such a big year for me but hopefully 2012 will be even bigger with more time to blog (or not emoticon emoticon ) and more time to just be a girl enjoying what life hands her.


Got my January weight and measurements all sorted and I will be blogging them each month so I, along with everyone else can see my progress (hopefully it will be noticeable.)

Weight: 155lbs

Waist: 78 cm
Hips: 98 cm
Thigh: 56 cm
Upper Arm: 30 cm

Wanted to get my New Years Resolutions thought about and sorted come January 1st so I started way back in November. Looking back now its seems a rather long time ago I sat down in my Aunties house and had a good think about what I wanted to achieve in 2012. Some of you may think what I put down is for vanity but it's not...well it sort of is, but there is always a reason behind what I put down and it's always something I want to achieve and to see in me. So I will have on my list quite a large amount of things I'd like to achieve and since there are 364 days in a year I don't have to aim for them all, right from the beginning.

# 1: A Picture A Day
This may seem vain but I've always had a problem with how I look so with a picture a day I'm hoping it's going to help me to like how I love and to embrace me for who I am and not who I want to be.

What I Will Do:
Daily I will take a picture (clean hair, and dressed) and I will like how I look even if I look awful.

# 2: Complexion
For as long as I can remember (puberty) I have had bad to ok skin, but I'm fed up of waking up and seeing a new spot here and a blemish there because I get too lazy to wash my face every morning and night. I usually only do one a day, come 2012 that will stop. I'm fed up of wondering what I'm doing wrong instead of looking at what I should be doing. 2012 will be the year I will see a big change in me and how I feel towards myself.

What I Will Do:
I will wash my face morning and night with my special wipes and wash it with a normal face wipes when I get home from work, and after every exercise I will do.

# 3: Lose Weight
This is a big one for me since I first discovered spark back in January 2011 and haven't seen a change in me at all in a year. Weight I lost I put back on. This time I will lose weight and it will stay off. I'm saying good bye to those pounds I don't want.

What I Will Do:
I will weight myself every fortnight, and take my measurements at the end of every month.

# 4: Eat Healthy
No more chips, pizza, sweets, chocolate, ice cream. Well not no more, but not as many as I eat now. Sweets usually appear in my hand daily and magically move into my stomach. From now on, when sweets appear in my hand, they will be magically moved back onto the shelf. Time for my sweet and treat time to become fruit time.

What I Will Do:
I'm not going to cut out all the unhealthy food I like completely, I'll just cut it down, a lot and limit myself to when I will eat it. I might save them for treats for reaching goals or such.
I will watch the amount of food I eat, just because it is on my plate doesn't mean I have to eat it.

# 5: Motivation
I have no motivation, I find it hard to get-up-and-go in the morning and the longer I lie there 'waking up' faster time goes on without me along for the ride. I don't do gyms, never have never will, but I do have an exercise ball, walls, floor and the strength in myself to do dance DVDs to help me lose weight, the internet to get yoga videos and pilates videos and I can use my ball to do crunches, all in all, I have no reason to say no apart from being lazy.

What I Will Do:
I'm really bad with motivation so I guess my motivation will have to come from me. The treats at the end of every fortnight will hopefully motivate me towards a good month.

# 6: Exercise
I've never liked exercise whether it be running, jogging, workouts. But I did use to like swimming, until I saw what I looked like in a bikini. It's not a pretty sight. Exercise will go from a little part of my life to a large part in my life. They say it takes a month to get a new hobby. Guess what my January goal will be? Take up Exercise as a hobby and try to learn to love it.

What I Will Do:
I have three DVDs I can do. Patsy Palmer Ibiza Dance DVD, 10 Minute Solutions: Dance Yourself Thin and 4 15 minutes Pilates DVD.

# 7: Plan Plan Plan
I have a really bad habit of not planning anything out. Come January Once a week on a weekend I will plan out my next week with food and exercise. Also on the last day of every month I will reward myself, not with food, for sticking to my monthly goals and plans.

What I Will Do:
I have written up a planner to help me through my days with times to do things. One for days off work and one for my days in work. I will hopefully be able to follow them through pretty easy. Also every Sunday I will plan my meals for the next week and hopefully knowing what I have to do will keep me on track.

# 8: Priorities
I will stop obsessing over the impossible and concentrate on the possible. I always obsess over what I know I can't have, or I can't do and never look at those little thinks I can do, so this year I will concentrate on what I can do as appose to what I can't do.

What I Will Do:
I will list the little thinks I can do (New Years Resolutions) and work on them all one by one, but I will be doing them all, all the time.



I will be doing all my new healthy habits with my mum, so I've vowed that I will give up certain things and have one day a week when I will allow myself a slip up whether it be chocolate or a dip I am in love with (rather high in calories)
Below I will be listing the things I will give up and/or cut back on and below that I will list the foods I will be adding into my daily diet.
Give Up:
Bread (cut back)
Sugar (cut back)
Granola (cut back)
Sugary Cereals (cut back)
Diet Soda (cut back) (I go for sugar free)

Eat More:
Brown Rice
Iceberg Lettuce


I'd also like to thank a special person on here, who has helped me quite a lot whether from just sending me little comments or through reading her blogs, but that person is EVER-HOPEFUL. I have linked you to their spark page and if you ever need advice or a pick-me-up comment them and you won't regret it. I never have.

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    thanks love you say the nicest things.i would like to thank you too.sounds like you have a lot for but also sounds like you have a plan of action for it all as well.it os great that your mother is doing this with you.that is more than it´s weight in gold you know.also when planning you meals for a week you then have to decide when you will do the shopping for your menu .it is easier to keep to it if you have the ingrediants on hand.so keep a seperate piece of paper next to you as you plan the menu to write your shopping list on it.you can do this.we ll have it in us to do as long as we never give up.remember though this is more about being healthy and good about ourselves than are actual looks.beauty comes from with in and from our acceptance at how beautiful and wonderous our body is after all look at all it does ,izt carries us,it breathes it takes us from one place to another.we are all really remarkable when we learn that and to respect ourselves for who we are it becomes easier to treat it with the kindness it deserves.you can do this love,have faith in yourself and know you are worth . emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2150 days ago
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