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Here's To A Happy Healthy 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011

I can't believe another year is nearly over, but I'm excited for all the possibilities the coming New Year will bring.
Resolutions is a dirty word. Like a new diet, it always sounds like a great idea in the moment of deep clarity (ha) right after you ate that third piece of pizza or had one too many of those addicting drinks. In the light of day, the brilliance fades, you fall off the wagon and you are left feeling like a failure..AGAIN. Why do we set ourselves up every New Year's Eve for the reoccurring nightmarish ritual? One word: HOPE. Hope that this year will be different, hope that this year will be the year that they make a chocolate with zero calories and zero carbs. You get it, HOPE.!!
Get your motivation, set gaols, but make sure you have the incentive to stick with the plan.
Many times we take on too much at one time.
We try to be everything for everyone , and we as a person gets lost along the way.
It's never to late to address your health and fitness.
Sometimes we feel we are too old, BS, age is just a number.
If we feel old, act old, that's the image we project to others and ourselves.
An unhealthy lifestyle can be changed.
An inactive lifestyle can be changed.
You just have to take the first step and keep on taking steps toward that change.
We all deserve to live our lives in comfort and good health.
If that means making changes in your life, welcome them.
Every pound you lose, every minute you exercise will add quality time to your life.
When you raise your glass on New Years Eve, let's toast to a fresh, clean slate and embrace the New Year for what lays ahead.
I'm so thankful that so many wonderful Spark members have been on this journey with me.
I have experienced amazing success in 2011.
I started the year at 197 pounds. That was the goal I had set in 2010 , to be under 200 by 2011. From my starting weight of 333 on Jan. 2010.

This photo was taken Nov. 6th , 2010. By the New Year I lost another 25 lbs.
In January I started going to the gym 5 and 6 days a week..
I had been working out at home ,but I needed the structure of regular class's.
I have to have a schedule and follow it.
As I saw the pounds go and I got more confident in my ability to do more.
I would swim longer, take more classes different machines and . lift heavier weights.
My body began to be one I could be comfortable with.
But it wasn't just the physical changes, it was my attitude, my personality. As I lost weight I changed from the lonely , sad, with drawn person to my old out going, full of vitality self. People started to remark how different I was. People that had known me prior to the weight gain said, "It's good to have Tisha back".
This year also brought about change in my mobility. I had both my knees replaced. Right one in April, the left one in September. Now I am able to get around with no restrictions. No more canes, walkers or wheel chairs.
I have walked 5K's. Hiked over 10 miles. Skied down Mt Hood. And this past week I was able to walk the concourse at the airport on my own two feet. No airline transport like in the past.
I remember once the poor man pushing me in a wheelchair, he was huffing and puffing, sweating like crazy trying to get me from one plane to another. I told him we should wait for the electric trolley, but he said he could get me there in the wheelchair faster. I know he regretted uttering those words. I tipped him very generous, against airline policy. But he deserved it. I must have weighed close to 300 pounds at the time.
I stopped flying when I realized I could no longer fit in a seat comfortably. I would either have to buy two seats, get an extension in my seat belt or fly first class, where the seats are larger. Plus the looks the others passengers would give me, were not pleasant . No one like to sit next to a obese person in close quarters.
And just moving down the aisle, to the restroom, was a night mare. Trying to use the tiny restroom another nightmare. So some years ago I stopped flying.
Well that changed this past week.
I traveled to La Jolla, Ca. to see my Mom.
I flew regular class , wheeled my own luggage on board, sat in a aisle seat, used a regular seat belt. Had no qualms about getting up to move around.
I didn't get any unpleasant looks. Just the opposite, everyone was very friendly .
Tomorrow I fly back home. I decided to fly first class. Since the planes are so crowded I do love the extra room and service 1st class gives you.
But I proved to myself that I don't have too.
I am sure there will be other things I might want to prove to myself or experience, but I can't think what they might be right now.
I am more or less at the weight I feel comfortable at, which is 136 pounds.. My gaol now is to work at getting more fit in muscle tone and strength.
I was reading about this women who is 66 years old, Jane Hesselgesser, who walked into a gym, 14 years ago and fell in love with the art of bodybuilding. Here's her picture.
I know I will not get that toned , but I am going to work on getting more shape and definition, lose some of the flab the weight loss left and have fun doing it.
People have asked me what's in store for me now? , So it's working out, trying to improve my body, that's what I intend to do in 2012.
In the same article called, "America's Super Seniors, was a story about Gladys Burrril. Last year at age 92 she completed a 26.2 mile marathon race., 9 hours, 53 minutes and 16 seconds. She jogs and power walks 50 miles a week. She says,"Age is only a number. People can be old at 40. It's important to think positive and to dream."
I thought my 27 miles of walking this week was good. Yeah it's good but just a start to what I can achieve.
Here I am today This is what I have to work with.
This photo where I have clothes on was taken this month
2011 has been a successful ,fun year, but with 2012 knocking on the door its time to say: Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Gesundheit, Au Revoir, Arrivederci, Adios, Sholm, Farewell. Happy New Year.
It's time to make 2012 your year, find your motivation tap that inner strength, and achieve your success.
I will be right here every step of the way to encourage you in every way I can.
Never give up , think positive, and believe in yourself. You are stronger than you know.
Peace and Love
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHARON10002
    What a terrific blog, Tisha! You have come such a very long way! I agree with you about age. We're only as old as we feel, and some days I feel 100! emoticon One of my goals is to be in Onderland by the end of this year. The other 2 are to lose more total weight this year than I did in 2011, and to log more fitness minutes than I did in 2011. I feel these are attainable and doable. I wish you much success in the year to come!


    PS Hope you feel better soon!
    2260 days ago
    You look wonderful and I love your attitude and the way you think. I hope to join you this year and be as dedicated and successful as you are. I hope we both have a great year.
    2264 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Trish, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is amazing what you have acoomplished with so much more ahead of you.
    Yes, I have set my goals for 2012. One being that I want to lose 50 lbs by August 2012. I am keeping my eye on the goal and I am focused and determined. You are such an inspiration for me. Woo Hoo to you. emoticon June
    2265 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2266 days ago
    LOVE IT!

    2267 days ago
    You are such an inspiration! Great blog.
    2268 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon BRING IT.... 2012 emoticon

    I didn't realize your mom lived in La Jolla... we are about an hours drive north so the next time (since you are flying again) you are in So Cal. lets get together so we can give each other one of these emoticon for reals emoticon

    Happy New Year Trish... you know how much I love and respect you and all your incredible progress emoticon emoticon Stay strong sweet lady emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    2269 days ago
    It's all in the attitude. Yours is good.
    2269 days ago
    Age is just a number...old age is your attitude!

    Know you will have a happy , healthy 2012!
    2269 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Tisha you are an awesome lady! What a great blog! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

    Have a super 2012!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2269 days ago
    Happy New Year to you!
    2269 days ago
    Tisha, this blog is almost as beautiful as you are;) May you have a love filled, muscle toned, and happy new year!
    2269 days ago
    Happy New Year to you too! Your blogs are always so uplifting. Just love the hear from you! Your love of life really shines through. Thank you!
    2270 days ago
    You might also want to look inti a Skin Tuck.( Not the Doctors cutting the access Skin, but Tucking it away, like they do with the Tummy.) If there is such a thing. It'll help with
    the Toning & Musucle building your writing about.

    As fer 2012, I "HOPE" my Hubby's & Roommate Schedules stay the way they are now. I'll have the Living Room & House to myself 5 out of 7 Days. Plenty of TIME to get my Teo Bo & Hip Hop Abs in. Along with that, also making it to my Clients Homes, Advertizing, Etc..... This Year is NO MORE EXCUSES, LESS VIDEO GAMES & FORGIVNESS of the World & it's NON Human Beings that only THINK One Way, that a person(s) has to be classified as a certain Gruop Type. Guess what I mean is, a World of Non Believers that Like to think in the Box only, Etc....... A World that doesn't NEVER give my kind a second look, based on a Abornality of the Body & or Mind.

    Just from reading your past Jounery Logs, You've went from Hopeless to what my Granny says all the time, before she took a permanant vaction in Heaven. Putting your MIND, to it all & sticking it out, through THICK & the Thin of every Ache, Pain, Twitch,Charlie Horse,Etc.... She also told me that Age is only Wisdonm & is only just a number, that MAN likes to keep reminding the Human Race.

    Happy 2012 My Friend & Many More Years to come. emoticon

    2270 days ago
    Tish I just love you to pieces. You certainly are a go getter and I applaud you. What an achievement on that plane seat as well. You proved to yourself that you can do it and you did!.. Awesome job. Adios 2011 and watch out 2012,, I'm coming to get you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donna
    2270 days ago
    You have come so very far ... and you are such an inspiration to us all .... you're looking FAB !!!! great blog ! Roc
    2270 days ago

    2270 days ago
  • TMW54812
    What a super blog! You have learned to really get the "juice" out of life. Yesterday I shared some of your story with a spark buddy whose mother feels she is too old at 65 to begin health and fitness improvement. She still may not get going, but she will have to find another excuse....lol.
    Reading your blog always inspires me and leaves me feeling full of hope for improving the quality of whatever number of years the good Lord sees fit to grant me. Thank you! emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
    You are so awesome Tish! It's been a great year. I started 2011 about 190 lbs. We have been so close right along. I'm ending the year around 147, hoped to be closer to 140, but I feel good and am back stronger than ever--determined once again to keep the weight OFF!

    I have spent the day buying more beautiful new clothes, that will never fit if I gain much weight, so that is an incentive. And as you so eloquently stated--with every pound we lose--we are adding QUALITY days to our lives! We have to think about that at our age. My doctor told me last Sept., that I had added YEARS to my life. He forgot to mention--QUALITY YEARS! That is important too. Who wants to get to 80 years old, when you have to be pushed in a wheelchair, and have so many health problems, your life is just one big pain with one doctor appt. after another?

    You & I will be WALKING proudly when we get to 80, enjoying every second of our still very full lives! I am really looking forward to the future now that I have one.
    2270 days ago
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