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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have had it up to HERE with crappy news today. I turn on the radio this morning and they're talking about some guy that faked being a church volunteer and stole a truck worth of donated food (20,000 pounds or something equally as crazy!) and now the community is scrambling to find food to get to families that need it for a special holiday meal. click. too much reality for me.

So when my mom sends me an email that says "This was in Monday's New York Times" I almost clicked delete.

I'm glad I didn't.

"A few days before Christmas a year ago, I was on the F train riding uptown. At West Fourth Street, a young man boarded with a boombox. He explained, loudly and enthusiastically, I'm trying to stay out of trouble tonight, so I'm offering you a dance, like we do it in the Bronx."

Only a few of us looked up. Then he plugged his iPhone into the boombox and proceeded to dance his heart out. This included a few back flips, trapeze moves with the handrails, and body spins on the ground with just one hand. By this time all eyes were glued on him. A young boy next to me yelled out in sheer delight: "Wow! that's amazing!" We all shared his sentiment.

Many passengers gave generously when he walked by with his donation container afterward.

Just then, at the other end of the car, a homeless-looking man boarded with a plea for help. He was disheveled and without any dance routine or music act to offer. All he had was a wish for kindness and an outstretched hat, one that remained empty among this group of recent donors.

That was until, just before the doors were to open at the next stop, the dancer went right up to the homeless-looking man, spilled out all of his earnings into the outstretched hat and said, "Merry Christmas, man."

Merry Christmas Sparkers. Happy Hanukkah. Happy festivus. Whatever you celebrate, celebrate joyfully and peacefully. And get a workout in while you're at it.
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