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Lap Band Surgery

Monday, December 19, 2011

My father in law approached my husband as to whether or not I would like to consider lap-band surgery. He offered to pay for me to get it.

As I have no insurance, no other options financially, this is a one of a kind offer for me...

I am considering, seriously, of taking him up on his offer.

I know that even with lap-band surgery, I will still need to eat healthy, exercise, and work hard to get to my goals. I know this is NOT an instant fix.

Consider, I have dieted and exercised with limited success for the last 25 years. For most of my life, I have struggled, and lived with the pain, both physical and emotional of being this big.

I see this as a TOOL to help me, I do so need help. If I could have done this on my own, I would have done it by now.

I have prayed for help for as long as I have dieted. I think this may be the help I have been hoping for. I did not ask for his help, he offered to pay for it.

I will attend a seminar on January 16th to find out more.

For now, I will still continue to exercise and eat right. I will fight for what I want, I will not give up, and if someone wants to help me, I am not too proud to accept it.

As he pointed out when he finally broached the subject with me, I need to be here for Juliette, and all of my family. Getting this surgery could very possibly save my life.

I know it would help.

Well, still considering a lot of things. Talked with my mom. She is in support of it. My sister had the more invasive gastric bypass, and went from over 300 to 145. My brother is about 400. My father is overweight and has diabetes. My grandmother died from diabetes. My mothers side has heart conditions.

I think if he is serious, I will take him up on this.

Much love, keep me in your prayers.

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    I, too, have struggled with my weight for many years. When my cardiologist first suggested the Lap Band two years ago, I cried. Since then I have lost and gained the same 20-30 pounds over and over again and my blood work looks ridiculous. When I lose, the glucose levels and blood pressure go down; when I gain it goes up. I'm a stroke waiting to happen. Long story shorter, I am scheduled for Lap Band Surgery on January 30, 2012 and I am ectastic!!! I believe in the power of prayer and after much research the practice that is doing my surgery has helped prepare me for the surgery. Not only is it not a quick fix, it requires a lot of discipline just to get ready for it. The weight I've lost in the prep - the clothes I can fit into - the improved blood work - all blessings. One thing I have learned through the process is what God has for me is for me -- I'm from the 'Clean plate" generation. I'm looking forward to a tool that will enable me to use a much smaller plate and feel the satisfaction of having the first bite so close to the last bite. I keep being told they taste the same anyway!

    As you said, if you could have done it on your own, you would have. That's exactly where I was when I started this journey. Do your research, ask quesetions and pray. If you have the support of (most of) your family, you're blessed.
    2267 days ago
    I too am considering the lap band. I have been to a few seminars and I understand the risks. You have to decide what is the best for you. You have a great understanding that it is a tool and still takes healthy eating & exercising. Good luck and Happy New Year! emoticon
    2267 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2279 days ago
  • FITB4-40
    That is a generous offer and worth considering. Attending a seminar and reading up online before hand is essential. You sound like you have realistic expectations which is great. I contemplated lap band and then gastric bypass earlier this year but ultimately decided it wasn't for me. Instead I joined a program at the local hospital and started a medically supervised very low calorie diet, ie protein shakes. It has been the jump start I needed to do this.

    Good luck wit your decision. I wish you the very best on your journey!

    2281 days ago
  • LINJO66
    Wow..that is a considerable offer!
    Like those before me, I can only recommend doing your research of the pros and cons of all types of surgery; immediate and long term issues as well.
    There are success stories for each type and disappointments with each type.
    Good luck with your research and soul searching.
    This is definitly a big decision to make.

    2281 days ago
    LAHMAN is right. Do your research, pray and consider your history, your options and your lifestyle requirements post surgery. I'm sure you'll make the best choice for yourself. We'll keep you in our prayers. God bless.
    2281 days ago
    Wow! What an opportunity!Two gals who live on my road had it done(although I think it was bariatric bypass) and they look fabulous. There could be some health risks to it, but we all know the definite health risks of obesity. At least it gives you something to consider as a weight loss help. You would still have to eat healthy adn exercise. It would just even out the playing field, by taking away some of those hunger pangs.
    2281 days ago
    Another Spark member here in OR had it and is doing wonderful. Many have had it and are quite happy with it as well as CHICKY. emoticon
    2281 days ago
    Wow, Rose. That is really sweet of him to offer. I don't know what I would do other then to research everything and pray and pray and pray. Hugs
    2281 days ago
    I have no knowledge of this..so really don't know what to tell you. You have to decide for yourself what is best for YOU. Whatever the case, I will love you as my friend no matter what you decide. emoticon
    2281 days ago
    This is a tough one. It sounds as if you are in the right frame of mind. Good Luck and God Bless.
    2281 days ago
    You should definitely check into all 3 types of bariatric surgery. The lap band still has alot of complications with you being able to eat and absorb nutrients. The bad required adjusting every couple of weeks and vomiting is a huge problem. The Gastric Sleeve is a good choice for people and is not as invasive nor does it have all the complications of the gastric bypass. It is a very good option and has a very good success rate and can still be done laparascopically.
    2281 days ago
    I learned something just now; I did not know there was a difference between lap band and Gastric Bypass. A friend of mine had GB and not only were there internal complications due to surgery, but she was not as committed to succeed as you are. She gained it all back and more. Then I got her on Sparks emoticon She's lost over a hundred but still is not as determined to make a healthy lifestyle as you. I know you will make the right choice. I also recommend research before hand and finding support groups in your area and here on sparks for information. HUGS to you my friend.
    2281 days ago
  • LILRED75
    Lap band is safer than the gastric bypass. If that will help you in your quest, I say go for it. Listen during the classes, as it will help you tremendously. emoticon
    2281 days ago
    Do your research on all 3 types of bariatric surgeries. Be open to all 3 types until you have talked with your surgeon and know the benefits and completions of all 3. Find a local support group before you have the surgery. This is not a quick fix or a miracle pill for overweight person. It is a life time commitment and any bariatric processor is only a tool to lose the weigh, NOT keep it off. Check out http://bariatrictv.com/ as they run a weekly online support group which is good information, plus they have an online support forum. Just know up front that a Lap Brand is the least effective weigh lose bariatric surgery and is high maintenance after the surgery to have the band effective.
    2281 days ago
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