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20 Ways to Know INNER CHILD needs Intervention

Sunday, December 18, 2011

emoticon 1 You Wear 'STRETCHY' Clothes To A Dinner Out With Your Friends, So You'll Be Comfortable After You Eat.
emoticon 2 You Have A Ready Made List Of Excuses For Your INNER CHILD When They Don't Want To Exercise
emoticon 3 You Keep The Larger Sizes From 2 Sizes Ago, Just In Case Your INNER CHILD Comes Home
emoticon 4 In The Event That You Are Without Food And Drink For Days.…You Buy A Supply Of 'BAD TEMPTATION GOODIES' For The HOME Before An IMPENDING STORM As If You Expect To Be Snow Bound (Only 2 inches expected ... but hey, you never know)
emoticon 5 Ditto For A TRIP…You Could Be Stranded…You Could Find Yourself On A Desert Island With No Stores....Or The Lock On The Door of Your Room Could Jam Shut, And Room Service Might Not Be Able To Break The Window To Deliver Your Order And You Could Starve To Death.
emoticon 6 Ditto For At The OFFICE. You Might Have To Work Late / Vending Machine Might Break could be locked in
emoticon 7 Ditto For The CAR. You Might Break Down On The Commute Home From Work....or get stuck in traffic...heaven forbid
emoticon 8 When Your INNER CHILD Goes Crazy, You Plead "The Right to Remain Silent" And Don’t Log Your Food That Day,.... After All … You're Not An Informant
emoticon 9 When Your INNER CHILD Goes Crazy Over Several Days, You Put Them In Witness Protection Where They Can Be AWOL From The Scale, Group Meetings, And The Gym…Until They Are Reading To Come Out Of Hiding
emoticon 10 You Think Your The Instructor/Trainers Are Out To Kill You...You Think That's Why They Keep Telling You To Take Your Pulse. They Want to Find Out If It's Fast Enough To Give You A Heart Attack.
emoticon 11 You Rarely Let Your INNER CHILD Take A Walk Longer Than A Mile Away From Home…They Could Get Lost Or Abducted By Aliens Or Kidnapped By Weight Watchers Terrorists.
emoticon 12 You've Never Seen The End Of An Exercise Video
emoticon 13 Your Favorite Class Is STRETCH And You're The One That's Snoring
emoticon 14 You Help Your INNER CHILD Hide The Binge Evidence
emoticon 15 You Treat A Binge Like A Covert Operation And Make The BAD TEMPTATION Purchase As If Your Buying Something Illegal From Drug Dealers...And You Pray That No One Who Knows You're Trying To Lose Weight Catches You. They could blow your cover
emoticon 16 When You Buy Something DECADENT In The Supermarket, You Hide It In The Shopping Cart To Avoid Criticism. And If Someone Says Something…You Tell Them It's For Someone Else.
emoticon 17 You Swear You Hear Your INNER CHILD Calling Your Name From The Kitchen When A BAD TEMPTATION Is In The House...That Is If You Live Alone...If You Live With Someone Else, It's Coming From Where You Hid It
emoticon 18 Nothing That Is Considered BAD TEMPTATION Ever Came Even Near To Its Expiration Date in your house
emoticon 19 You Will Buy A Gym Membership and Then Spend More Than 15 minutes Waiting For a Parking Spot Close To An Entrance At The Mall
emoticon 20 When You Go To The Supermarket -- You Talk To Your INNER CHILD... Out Loud

and how do I know ?????? Been there, done that emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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