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Workout Plan for Week of 12/19-12/25

Saturday, December 17, 2011

So last week I posted my workout schedule, and due to poor planning (and a little to lack of sleep), it did not go according to plan. I am going to go for the same workouts, but am rearranging the times somewhat. I am also going to start going to Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu on Tuesday evenings, so I will gain experience with another Jiu Jitsu instructor and also get to do Muay Thai training with Eric, who gives much more technical instruction. I am a little nervous about the Tuesday evening Jiu Jitsu class with a new instructor, but I am sure I will get over it once I go for the first time.

Next week looks like this:

emoticon emoticon Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai
emoticon Lower Body Strength

emoticon emoticon Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu

emoticon emoticon Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai
emoticon Endurance Weights Circuit

emoticon Day off!

emoticon Olympic Lifts
emoticon emoticon Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai

No Muay Thai sparring--gym closed
emoticon Cathe Friedrich High Intensity Interval Training 30/30 DVD (30 second intervals with 30 seconds rest; 30 minutes total)
emoticon Upper Body Strength

emoticon emoticon Kettlebells (DVD) and an abdominal workout

I will be doing yoga on Jiu Jitsu/Muay Thai days before I go to the gym. I'll also do a 10 minute jump rope warm-up on Jiu Jitsu/Muay Thai days right before class (2 minute jump rope intervals with 1 minute rest). The jump rope will help create some explosive power and increase my aerobic endurance (which is actually not that great right now).

I have been writing my strength workouts and I will be doing a program utilizing nonlinear (undulating) periodization. This means that I will be changing my program constantly. In my rotation, the workouts will vary from workout-to-workout (versus week-to-week or month-to-month). I will be doing 1 upper body split and 1 lower body split each week, and these workouts will vary the most in the methods performed. I will be doing 1 cardio-based strength circuit each week that utilizes more plyometric exercises (explosive motions such as jumping) to increase muscle endurance and power. Then I will do a day of Olympic lifts, which will help build strength and power.

For now, the upper and lower body splits will focus on building muscle hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) as well as some muscular endurance. The split workouts will be performed in the 12 repetition max (12 RM) range, meaning lifting to failure (or very close to it) at the 12th repetition. Working in the 12-15 RM range focuses on building muscular endurance, while 8-12 RM increases hypertrophy. I decided on 12 RM for the next several weeks to work at the high end of the hypertrophy range and work on endurance at the same time. Since both Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai will help with endurance, I am not inclined to go above 12 RM for weight-lifting; I want to lift weights to build strength to complement my MMA training.

My lower body workout this week is fairly simple and straightforward and did not utilize any particular special methods as I will in subsequent weeks; the weights I plan to use are listed. I also tacked on some core exercises:

Unless otherwise noted:
2 x 12 RM (2 sets each of 12 repetitions) at 2-0-2 tempo (2 counts up, 0 count pause, 2 counts down); 1 minute rest between sets

*Deadlifts 90 lbs
*Squats 60 lbs
*Reverse Lunges 40 lbs
*Plie Squats 40 lbs
*Step-ups 30 lbs
*Leg Extension (machine) 50 lbs
*Hip Sled (leg press machine) 90 lbs
* Pilates Roll Over (
)--I think this one will really help my Jiu Jitsu!
*Glute-Hamstring Developer Back Extensions ( )--yikes, killer!
*Glute Hamstring Developer Sit-ups (
)--yeeeow, super killer! I would recommend going over glute-hamstring developer exercises with a trainer before trying them
*Russian Twist (
*Planks (prone and side; hold for 30 seconds each and repeat once)

My endurance strength circuit this week is going to be relatively easy, at least compared to what I have written for the next couple of weeks.
These workouts look somewhat like a cardio circuit, and will utilize lighter weights or body weight. These workouts are mostly time-based and I won't be lifting to failure:

Unless otherwise noted: 30 seconds each exercise, repeat each round twice, then 1 minute rest before next set

Set 1:
Step-ups with overhead press

Set 2:
Wall Squats with stability ball
Plie Squats with stability ball

Set 3
Plank (prone)
Leg Lifts (

Set 4
Kettlebell Squat
Kettlebell Swing (
)--demonstrated by Lauren Brooks; I highly recommend her DVDs

Set 5
Jump Rope--Tabata (20 sec. hard--10 sec. rest x 8)

Set 6
Renegade Rows (
Kettlebell Chop Lunge (

Set 7
Muay Thai Knee-to-Armpit Drill 3 minutes (
)--for the drill, we repeatedly do the blocking motion while bringing the knee as close to the armpit as possible; really feel this in the hips and obliques

My upper body workout is a similar format to my lower body workout, and again is pretty simple (no special methods used):

Unless otherwise noted:
2 x 12 RM (2 sets each of 12 repetitions) at 2-0-2 tempo (2 counts up, 0 count pause, 2 counts down); 1 minute rest between sets

*Pull-Ups (Modified)
*Barbell Rows 60 lbs
*Supermans (
*Chest Press 60 lbs
*Incline Chest Press 20 lb dumbbells
*Biceps Curls 40 lbs
*Hammer Curls 15 lb dumbbells
*Concentration Biceps Curls (1 set, 8 RM, 2-0-6) 15 lb dumbbells
*Skullcrushers (
--he uses an E-Z curl bar, I used 15 lb dumbbells; the motion is the same holding a dumbbell in each hand)
*Overhead Press 15 lb dumbbells
*Medial Deltoid Raise 12 lb dumbbells
*Posterior Deltoid Raise 10 lb dumbbells
*Shoulder Shrugs (
) 40 lbs

I will do a workout of Olympic lifts with heavy weights. I will probably use about 100 pounds for most of the lifts, except for deadlifts for which I will use 165 pounds, and the Power Snatch for which I will use perhaps 50 pounds. I know these weights sound very heavy but I am, as my exercise physiology professor put it when I was tested in the lab, "abnormally strong." I only worked with my trainer Ty for a couple of weeks on these, and felt I only had minimal training during that time. Fortunately, one of the guys in MMA is a trainer experienced in Olympic lifts can help me practice. I will perform more reps and use heavier weights as I master the moves. This week I will do 3 sets of 3 repetitions each with 2 minutes rest in between sets:

Hang Clean (
Power Clean (
Push Press (
Power Snatch (
Snatch Squat (

Hopefully this week goes a little more smoothly and I get in the workouts I've planned...
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  • v CANNIE50
    I am so glad you included the amount of weights and reps because it is so interesting for me to compare what I am doing to what other people do in their S.T. In a VERY few of my exercises I use the same amount of weight as you, and in others I look at the weight you are lifting and think emoticon . You are fiercely strong. I am excited for you to get into more Olympic lifting so I can live vicariously by reading about your progress in your blogs. PS I have a question for you. I often do 20 reps so I am guessing I should increase weight and decrease reps, right? I am most interested in tone but also want to increase endurance and strength, of course. I am going to meet with my friend who is a trainer, sometime next month, to go over my workout and make changes but I am interested in your perspective. Thanks Erin! emoticon
    1713 days ago
  • v APIRLRAIN888
    1713 days ago
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