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A Bag of Strategies for Family Gatherings

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I always experience a good (ravenous) appetite at family & friends gatherings. I identify that this is anxiety rather than hunger.
I need to be concious of that or else I will eat a lot of chocolates, cheese, nuts, everything in sight!
The consequences to over-eating at Christmas & family gatherings are that I feel bloated, my stomach hurts and I sideline my feelings, but I still feel anxious.
Plus nothing is enough and everything is enough!
So this is how I could handle the gatherings consciously:

Drink a lot of alcohol. Pros- relaxing & legal.
Cons- fattening, can exacerbate moods, can lead to eating more than intended. We will be driving.
Strategy: Water bottle wherever I go. Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Designate myself to be driver & enlist the larger group for support.

Celebratory Dining:
I intend to focus on dividing my plate the bikini style!
One bra cup is protein & potato, the other cup is desert & the bikini pants are salad & veg.
It is summer here in Australia after all!
Importantly- one serve of anything is enough!

In Between Offerings & Visits:
Just say "no thank you, I have just eaten". Drink my water, chew my gum? This sounds not relaxing and uptight too.
What about getting out and about with people- suggest a quick walk in the neighbourhood? Water their garden, etc...
This might work- cheese n' bikkies are my failure!
So, yeah, ask if they feel like taking a stroll with us!
This is hard to implement with my elderly mother (who loves us with food) but one can only try.

Keeping my water bottle with me & chewing gum when preparing meals could assist also!

About anxiety: I find that pausing to breath with awareness averts much of my stress. How to remind myself in the midst of it all?
Strategy: Establish a routine now so I remember when needed. How? An alarm on my phone. A rubber band on my wrist. Apparently this is an Emotional Feedback Technique.

Further suggestions welcomed, what do you do to take the focus off eating at this time of year?
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