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Why Walk When You Can Fly?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So I've been feeling WAY less than satisfied with the fitness center over the past few days...feeling more & more like a "grind" in which even my hand-picked tunes on my mp3 player weren't much help...might as well have been elevator music! Montavanni or some such...!

Plus today I was cooped up with a conference / workshop which was an attempt to provide some reassurance of the onslaught of Medicaid changes that awaits us community mental health providers...all the while a gorgeous sun outside beaming away.

All right...time to take a breather from the fitness center and get out after work to grab me some fresh air and some of that sunshine!

Great thought and plan, except...the clouds rolled in and by 4:30 it's pretty well dark anyway. But I don't let that stop me from grabbing my Nordic poles anyway and striking off toward downtown. After a few steps I decide, what the heck...let's kick it up to a jog? Working the poles while jogging can be done, but since one is moving along it's hard to really "dig in" with the poles and get any significant upper body work done. Instead of using 'em I just carry the poles along.

Although I've jogged these couple miles before without a break it has been a long time...months maybe? I was pleasantly surprised to find myself able to do this again cold without any practice or building up to it!

So hey, Why Walk When You Can Fly? :-)


It was just the change of pace I needed!

Just wanted to ALSO give a terrific shout out to GUITARWOMAN who has lost 100# and celebrated her first year of maintenance this past Sept. 2011!!


She also happens to share a deep appreciation for playing her Yamaha Classical Guitar...of which I *also* happen to own and love to play as well! Mine looks to be a lower model, the G-231-II which I see bops around eBay for around a whopping $150. Be that as it may, I have played a number of guitars, both electric and acoustic and this is the one with the mellow, rich sound and spacious fretboard that works mighty fine for me!

Now the challenge is: squeezing more time in for my guitar and me! :-)

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