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So darned what if I am hungry ??

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have been sitting here and thinking about the mere act of eating for hunger. Just thinking about how all of us got ourselves here. Why, aren't we all rational,thinking human beings with above average intelligence ? I seem to think we are. Then where did we all fall off the wagon ? Where did food gain so much control over us that we seemed to have lost that power of rational thinking. Just the fact that food made us lose our power of rational thinking goes to say that it has power over us. Food has definitely had power over me. I am now trying to figure out how I can divest it of this power.
I think the reason I am here today trying to lose weight is because I have spent my whole life being petrified of hunger. This thought has never occurred to me before. Its just struck me that I am seriously,seriously afraid of hunger. Scared as if my own hunger was going to eat me up. Scared as if the whole world would come crashing down because I was hungry. I've spent my whole life stuffing my face because 'what if ' I got hungry? What if the universe collapsed if I got hungry ? Didn't I ever realize that many people had been hungry before me ? What if I really did get hungry ? It never once occurred to me once that ..Geez... then what ? Geez...then nothing !!
The penny has finally dropped.What is the worst that will happen if I get a little physically hungry ? Nothing will happen if I get a little hungry. In fact I think the only times I really do lose weight are when I am physically hungry. I think hunger is now going to be an integral part of my weight loss journey. I've heard it said one too many time..."Don't let yourself get hungry !"..I'm sorry but it just doesn't work for me. Hunger is what shrinks my stomach. Hunger is what keeps me from stuffing my face. I like the feeling of hunger. Its a nice, light feeling to feel the hunger. By the way, I haven't felt real hunger in years. Ive almost forgotten what real hunger feels like. So now I am going to kick 'hunger' in its own face and not worry about it so much. I'm going to stop letting it have any power over me anymore. I am so ready to put hunger in its place...and it'd better stay there too.
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  • AJS_MOMMY_1985
    Very wonderful words. :) I haven't eaten dinner or breakfast many times in the past few weeks. Not because I'm purposely starving myself, but because at first I was just too busy. I then realized it was all in my head and I wasn't truly hungry. I just WANTED to eat. Because once I got busy the feeling went away. Now I only eat if I know I'm genuinely hungry. And I'm trying to not overeat at those times. It truly is helping. :)
    2212 days ago
    Great Blog!!! Stomach Hunger or what I like to call REAL Hunger is so important. It tells us when we need some fuel, and if we listen to it and NOT emotional hunger, we will be successful.

    I'm grateful for it.
    2212 days ago
    I know what you mean. It is not about the twinkie...but it not NOT about the twinkie either. emoticon
    2232 days ago
  • J0ETTE
    I know what you mean about the feeling hungry. It can be a good thing. IF it is controlled. Waiting until you are past hungry can be self defeating. Those are the times I make poor choices. But a slight hunger is a good thing. I envision my body having to find fat from some unsuspecting part of itself to get what it needs. :)

    I think a BIG part of how we got this way is from the garbage foods that are so readily available in the beastly sized portions.

    I too have to plan for evening snacking. Planning what you are going to have to eat each day is very helpful.

    2233 days ago
    I thought this was a very powerful blog. My own demon to conquer has been portion size, which is what doomed me to so many years of overweight or obesity. The interesting thing that has developed out of losing this weight is a big discovery for me. I too worry about being hungry - and it pops into my head whenever I see a little (i.e. correctly sized) portion on my plate. I have discovered that if I eat the little portion, that two things happen. 1) I usually find that I'm satisfied "enough" that my hunger concerns dissipate. 2) By having limited my portion (and calories), I have more calories left for later. This second part has been the biggest discovery and surprise. When things are getting shaky in my program, it's usually when I've eaten MORE calories in a single sitting and "run out" too early in the evening (I like my evening snack). Normally my solution to wanting food is to eat something - it works better for me than deprivation. So although it was counter-intuitive at first, if I find I'm hungry and running out of food, I try to eat LESS, more often.
    2233 days ago
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