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Monday, December 12, 2011

I blogged that it was a quiet day Sunday and got called on the
carpet by my dear SParker, DAISY443. Yes, I did do laundry,
kept the wood furnace burning, picked up twigs in DS2's yard
(guess where they will end up?)and other goofy stuff.
So tonight is marathon night. I set up the new receiver for
the TV in the living room (quite an adventure). This was
mid-point in the baking bread process. The first half of the
dough was rising in the pans and the second half was in
need of getting punched down. Once I was off the phone
with the very nice lady tech, I hustled out to make sure that
I got to it in time.
DH made a batch of biscotti and gets it done to the point
of cutting and toasting. Then I need to step in because he is
just scary with a knife in his hand. Left-handed as the day is
long LOL!
First 3 loaves are in the oven and the last 3 are just about
ready now. I did get a bit off schedule playing with the tv
but at least now it works. Even DS is smiling. Now we can
change the channels without waiting 5 minutes after
pushing the buttons.
I wanted to make bon bons tonight but ran out of time.
GD's Christmas concert may need to be postponed if the
freezing rain and snow develop like the weathermen think.
Who pays them to think? They should know, right?
Now for the fun part. This falls in the department of
"knowing". We "know" what we should be doing. We
"know" we have to make healthy choices to succeed.
But there is a time when we wait for our receiver to
change the channels for us. We think we've pushed
the right buttons but....we sabotage our efforts and
snack the night away. Take it from someone who was
there 2 nights ago. I had a dickens of a time to change
the channel and convince myself that chocolate could
stay right where it was.
Thanks for stopping by. Change the channel on the
late night snacking (or anytime of day snacking)
and "know" you've done the right thing. HUGS!
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