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Christmas Cookies??

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I notice that Spark's Recipe of the Day each day so far in December has been cookies. The serving sizes are one or at most two cookies.

ONE OR TWO COOKIES??? What world are they living in??? If I could eat one cookie, I'd never have gained weight. The only time I can eat one is if it's the last one and I brush my teeth immediately afterward, and the only time I'm there for the last cookie is if I've eaten the ones before it and the attitude is "what the heck might as well eat it".

Cookies, even homemade "lower calorie" cookies are finger food: no plate or cutlery necessary, only requires one hand. Very dangerous for me. Christmas is the toughest season for me because of the cookies my family expects. I make them the day before Christmas and send the leftovers home with everyone else. I'll let THEM deal with the sugar. I have decades of experience in not being able to control them, I'm not going to find the "secret" now.
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    Yeah, this site really isn't set up for helping people cope with food abstinence.

    Is it any wonder so few manage to maintain their weight around here?

    I ignore the "official" recipes here. I know what works for me, and I stick with it. I don't need the starches and sugars and fats they sometimes push at us in the guise of "healthy" alternatives.

    P.S. A friend in my neighborhood has been baking cookies to send in tins as Christmas presents and posting photos on Facebook. A bunch of people asked him to make up tins for them. I did too.

    I asked him to put ONE of each of the 12 kinds in the freezer and subscribe me to a "cookie of the month" club. As in, I get one cookie per month for the next year. He said he will even deliver them. LOL

    That is the only way I can have just one - if someone else is rationing them and there IS only one! hahaha

    Ron was one of my original walking buddies when I was just starting out with losing the weight, and he fights diabetes, so he "gets" it.

    The other people on Facebook? No way. They think I'm crazy. I don't care.
    2112 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/12/2011 11:02:33 AM
    I would have to say that I don't have as big of an issue with cookies as I do with cake (and it's not really finger food) but doesn't matter, because once already sliced cake is "hidden" in the freezer it becomes finger food!! emoticon

    Funny how timely your blog is, because I just made buttermilk fudge and thumbprint cookies with lemon curd this morning. I only ate two small cookies, but the fudge - well, almost a whole "row"...

    December is a VERY BAD month for me. Lost my dad on Christmas eve 15 years ago. The only way I survive severe depression is to BAKE! It's been a Christmas tradition for my entire life and I have tried to give it up, and just CAN'T! Baking is therapy for me, especially with my 91 yr. old bedfast MIL under my full-time care here in my home this year.

    I make up goodie trsys with most of the cookies etc; for gifts etc but there is some collateral damage that goes along with it. I've tried very hard to change it, but in my opinion it's better than taking anti-depressants or relying on other meds to get through the month. I also exercise feverishly to run damage control. Exercise is a great mood elevator, too. It's the best I can do....but I fully agree with what you are saying. Sugar and fat combined????? DUH, = TRIGGER FOOD! emoticon
    2115 days ago
    I guess we all can identify with this blog. lol.
    2116 days ago
  • BRATS4
    me too.maybe one batch or two,not one or two cookies
    2116 days ago
    Nell I am right there with you. If I take the first
    darn cookie, I am done for...

    I don't bake any more for that reason.

    2116 days ago
    Me, too!
    Cookies are sooooooooooo dangerous and 'tis the season!
    2116 days ago
  • JEANNE229
    Yes, I am the exact same! Anything baked (fresh from the oven and warm) is an endangered species in my house. Can't have them in my reach at all.
    2117 days ago
    Totally agree with you!!!!

    There is no way I can eat only one or two of my wife's cookies, flat out no way. She loves to bake, so there is my problems. Even those cookies going into the freezer does not slow down the eating process that much.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2117 days ago
    Funny & true Nell! You sound the like voice for so many of us!!! LOL
    June :)
    2117 days ago
    I love this! Its so true that cookies are finger food! So portable and they stay fresh for days. I make sure that if Im going to have a cookie its a decent sized one and that it really is my favorite flavor so that the calories are actually worth it. Right now, its oatmeal cranberry walnut which I get at Subway. I dont go there often and if I get a 6 inch sandwich I dont feel so bad about eating the cookie. :)

    2117 days ago
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