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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

emoticonGood morning everybody! It has been awhile since my last blog and, for those that were following my "fatal" emoticonstatus, I'm still here!

A quick update as to the last medical specialist seen and tests done. Yes, once again, the same have indicated that those last few years of stress while at work and my allowing another to speak/treat me as they did, really did a number on my body and my emotional well-being as a whole. I wonder how high of a number I was at a few months ago while this was happening -- trying to cope and stay positive with it all. But, that's in the past and we're now looking ahead to better days. We found a possible reason for the blood in the urine and it may have been from a urethral stricture and which now has been treated and corrected. This may have set off my inflammation values also when my blood was routinely checked at the last Rheumatologist appointment for lupus. My body has been in such a tense mode for so many years and, even though I didn't realize it, the test results are speaking to me and the doctors loud and clear -- it's time to relax, take care of that immune system, realize I don't need to have my body in the tensed and tight mode all day and just breathe.

That brings us to now finding a job where I can enjoy being me, enjoy waking up each morning as I'm ready to go to work. I've gone to a few interviews and I can't believe how refreshing they've been. Sounds different, doesn't it, as I know alot of people get nervous and I do to a point, but, even though I didn't get the position, I've enjoyed seeing what else is out there! I've seen the employees' work areas and how they're able to interact with one another -- and what a difference from what I'm used to seeing and being in. Wow! But, for now, I'm still looking for the right "fit." We'll see what the future holds job-wise. Now that we have more answers and have confirmed and/or corrected what caused a few of the "biggies" in the medical area of life that I was having a few months ago, some that have improved enormously and are no longer in the emoticon"fatal" zone or even of concern now, I think I'm ready to take on the world again! Well, maybe not the world emoticon but at least one that is going in the positive and forward direction again!

emoticonI've haven't given up yet, guys! I'm still meeting and greeting each new day! And, that's why I'm also sharing one of my favorite videos for you to enjoy and as a helpful reminder. Please click on the link below and allow your body and mind to relax and enjoy the serenity of the music and messages shared. Free your mind of the day's stresses/worries or things you have no control of and relax. Appreciate each day and don't let your fears take a minute of life from you.

Feel and hear yourself breathe--be aware of your body-mind connection and simply love the day! emoticon
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