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Trying to Avoid all the Seasonal Traps

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a while since my last blog, so I guess I better get with the program and catch you all up with my life.

I have ALL of my Christmas presents bought, wrapped and mailed off.

That is a very good thing, because I really fall prey to all the pretty trappings in the stores at this time of year.

It seems I can't even go grocery shopping without looking for seasonal wonders that I don't need but am tempted to buy anyway.

Yesterday I went to my small Applique group's Christmas party. We had a wonderful time.

Irene showed us all how to make these little pincushions and then hot glueing them to golf tees so they fit on top of a spool of thread. Really cute little things.

I, being the klutz of the club, had a heck of a time with them. I kept looping my threads and making my petals in a line rather than a circle, but my darling friend Irene saved me from myself and got them all where they were supposed to be. She got the leaf petals in a circle, and then I did the flower petals.

Again, I didn't do it "right", but Irene, used to bailing me out, saved the day again and got them all in a circle. ( I had managed to get them into TWO lines this time! Don't ask.)

We had a potluck for our lunch. Everyone brought yummy stuff, most of which they made.

I HAD planned on making a Trifle, using a store-bought angel food cake, but can you believe it? None of the grocers had any Angel Food Cakes, so that idea went by the wayside. I have a wonderful Trifle recipe from Weight Watchers, so that would have worked out well.

At least I had the good intention!!

I, being the lazy one, decided I didn't have time to cook anything, called Subway and ordered a variety sandwich platter. That went over very well. Expensive, but was worth not having to take the time to cook anything.

I even had a small piece of apple pie Loretta made, but didn't eat the crust.

There were even two sandwiches left so I could feed the bear......otherwise known as my DH.

I am a slow eater, and Irene finished before me. So, being the kind and generous friend she is, she finished off my pincushion.

Our applique group is very talented. Actually all of THEM are very talented when it comes to applique, but I am the Klutz of the group. They don't seem to mind, and at least I bring smiles and challenges to the group. I guess that is a good thing.

Did I tell you that I have all my Christmas gifts completed, wrapped and sent on their way?

That isn't because I am so organized. It is a life preservation measure. I really fall victim to all the seasonal trappings the stores have on display.

I am better off staying out of the stores during this time of year. I will buy "for next year", and come home with all next year's gifts, hide them somewhere and then don't find them for years.

Can you relate?

I have found doll houses and doll house furniture 7 years after I purchased it for my granddaughter for Christmas. She was too old for doll houses by the time I found it again.

I have given away small children's socks and clothing because I couldn't find them until the kid was already grown and driving.

I found a set of Lincoln Logs and a Beginner's microscope purchased for my Grandson when he was younger. But I found them when he was in high school.

I have found crystal vases meant for weddings years after the couple divorced. I have found completed hand made afghans made for people I haven't seen in years.

I have boxes and boxes of "Oh, won't he or she just LOVE this!", found in very weird places and years after purchase.

I have uncovered purchases and then wondered "Now why in hell did I ever buy THIS thing!?".

When I moved from CA to WA, I loaded up my trusty F250 pick-up truck with seven loads of new stuff, all purchased between November 20-January 5 (must take advantage of the after Christmas sales, you know!) and taken the loads to the Cancer Discovery Shop.

I have three artificial Christmas trees. Two of which were bought during the after-Christmas sale days. Good prices that should not be ignored, right?

Good Will shudders when they see me this time of year. They know I will be off-loading on them a whole bunch of Christmas stuff that they are already inundated with.

The Post Office sees me coming and know they will get their Christmas bonuses due to all the mailing of packages I do.

Ah, Christmas. The most wonderful time of year. Right?

Only if I stay the heck out of the stores!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, wishes you can manage to stay within your budget, or at least find all the gifts you have hidden from past years!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are WAY ahead of me on the gift end of things. I am never together enough to get things ahead of time. (I guess that does save me the problem of losing pre-bought gifts, but it means I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of December!) Even then, I still "lose" gifts--like the year "Santa left some of the toys in the attic, kids." Thankfully none of them remember that! haha! Hubbie and I were watching the kids Christmas morning that year and I asked him "Where is the xxx we got xxx?" to which he replied, "no clue... did XXX already put xxx in the bedroom?" That's when it hit us both that in the midst of toy assembly the night before we completely MISSED an entire bag of gifts that were hidden in the attic!
    2297 days ago
    I can so relate! Don't know what it is about this time of the year. I have all of my gifts bought, wrapped, under the tree and mailed those that needed to be mailed. Now I am trying to stay out of the stores so I don't buy anything else!
    2298 days ago
    LOL I can so relate but I am not near as organized as you no wrapping done .Still in pre-Christmas chaos !
    2299 days ago
    I think we've all done that. My biggest temptatin is work. I see all these great fabrics and have such wonderful plans for them but then with working so many hours this time of year never seem to have time to complete all my projects. And now we are having a bonus discount day this Fri and Sat which even applies to sale items and since the flannel is 60% off right now getting another 30% off on top of that is really tempting me. This is the weekend for the State Ballet christmas performance of Coppelia and since two of my grandchildren are performing in this production it will be a challenge trying to find time to get to the store since I'm their Taxi service for Thursday and Friday and will be going to the performance Saturday afternoon.

    2299 days ago
    You must be my DW long lost and unknown sister.
    2299 days ago
    I relate SO much! I dare not shop throughout the year for people because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will not remember or find those things again for a long, long time. I have the majority of my shopping done (but not wrapped); now it's just a few stocking stuffers since we have everyone (including CA family) coming to our house for Christmas this year. That means NO SHIPPING for once--WOO HOO! I stay out of the malls and stores for the most part during this season and try to have most shopping done before Thanksgiving. Makes life so much easier!


    Oh, and I do not believe you are nearly as much of a klutz with your applique as you make out--you are way too talented for that!
    2300 days ago
    Hehe, I can so relate. I have taken to ordering gifts online for my parents and having them sent directly to them. My kids (ages 16 and 13) now get money to do with as they wish. Makes my life so much simpler...and I can stay out of the stores with all their holiday spending traps.
    2300 days ago
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