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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Before my SPARK days, quite a while ago, in fact, I was vacationing in Florida with friends and still married. The guys went deep sea fishing for the day, and Cheryle and I strolled down to the pool area. While making our way to the pool we took turns lamenting over our weight, taking turns wishing our legs, our midsection, or whatever part of our bodies we were hating on that day, were different; and suddenly we came face to face with someone who put a whole new perspective on our self-loathing. Sitting there basking in the sun, was a friendly- faced woman enjoying the air and her surroundings, making eye contact with strangers loving the whole experience of hearing the soothing sounds of the waves in the background, drinking in the Florida sunshine, laughing and living in the moment. She wasn’t wearing a bikini, she wasn’t even thin, but there she sat drinking in the sunshine, living in the moment, spreading her contagious joy, loving every second. The mere fact that suntanned stubs replaced her legs and feet didn’t seem to matter to this lively and spirited woman. But it made an impression on us. It made us realize that there are always those dealt a worse fate than our own. That we should relish what we have and where we are and make steps to change what we do not like; and more importantly, to love what we cannot change.

So today, join me, and celebrate the you you are. The you with extra pounds, or thinning hair, the 300 lb you, the 200 lb you, the you with a walker, in a wheel chair, or without legs at all, and celebrate your life. Let’s all work together to make each day a more enjoyable, and healthier experience. We may not don that bikini right now, or EVER, but we can work towards a sweeter, more spirited and healthier life!


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