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Ski Bunny

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hurray for active holidays! I can't tell you how excited I am to ski in the Rockies over Christmas with my family. And knowing that I'm going to be that active every day and burning that many calories takes all the pressure off Christmas and means I can ease up a bit in terms of what I eat and drink while I'm away.

Here's a preview of my new ski suit!

It hasn't been a cheap trip so far - let me tell you. All the new gear has cost me a fortune, but for me it's an investment in a return to my active lifestyle which I will now continue for years and years to come.

As a kid I lived 15 minutes from a ski hill and in the winter that's what we did every weekend. I was never a "ski bunny" being that I was always overweight, even as a kid - but my overeating was more controlled by the amount of physical activity that we used to do. Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories involve a day on the hill, after which we'd come home and tuck in to my mom's amazing chili or split pea soup that would be cooking in the crockpot all day while we were out. Served up with a fresh loaf of bread, a fire in the fireplace, and a couple rounds of Donkey Kong on the Atari with my brothers. Then, if I was good, my dad would take me back to the hill at night and we would go night skiing together - just the two of us. There is nothing I like more than night skiing - the big overheads lighting up the stark white hill. Everything is so quiet. All you hear is the "swoosh, swoosh, swoosh" of your skis as they cut into the snow. It's peaceful and idyllic and everything I love about being outdoors.

When I was in the 7th grade - a couple of years after we moved away from that ski hill - we made a trip back for a weekend. The move had caused me quite a bit of psychological damage (it's terrible to move a child in the pre-teen years and I was being bullied regularly by my new peers and trying desperately to fit in) and I was looking so forward to getting back out on that hill and back to a better time in my life. Unfortunately, however, I had packed on quite a few pounds in the couple of years being away from the hill. My ski suit was snug at best - I actually broke the zipper in my pants when I bent over to do up my boots, and my dad had to install an additional leather strap to my boots to even get them to buckle. But I was going out there and I was going to ski dammit! ...They ended up taking me off the hill on a stretcher. I wanted to relive the good old days. I wanted to be like my thin and fit brothers who were hotdogging the black diamonds and hitting all the fun jumps and moguls. I pushed myself beyond my abilities and landed myself in the hospital with a broken arm. And I was devastated.

I have only skied a handful of times since that incident. Since moving to "The Land of The Flat" I haven't skied at all. There aren't any decent mountains around here and quite honestly - you can't get ski boots that fit you when you're 313 pounds. So for the past 10 years, I have been separated from a sport that I love and that makes me feel alive. And the pounds kept creeping on.

But no more! My new ski suit is SMALLER than the one I owned at 12 years old! In fact, that ski suit still fits - but since it's no longer 1996, I opted for an upgrade. Here's a pic for the scrapbook though - and for your viewing and giggling pleasure:

Check out those sleeves dude! And the tag from the day I broke my arm is still on that jacket. Oh lord.

Actually - I was really surprised when I started shopping for new gear this year that the number one colour in ski essentials is hot pink. The pants actually fit me pretty well, so I was just going to go for a jacket that had pink accents in it, but then my brother sent me pics of my new skis that he procured for me out west and they're black, red & white - so I chose to bite the added expense and feel TOTALLY chic on the hill this year. Matchy, matchy - oooh.

Since my birthday is at Christmas and my parents are gifting me most of my ski equipment, my flight out was purchased with miles, and our family Christmas gift is the stay in the ski in/out chalet - all inclusive with meals, beverages and lift passes, my expenses haven't really been all that crazy. I invested in my boots which will last me years and will adjust down as my body continues to shrink. I spent a bit on money on the new pants, jacket and ski socks (LOVE my SmartWools!), which I may only get one season out of depending on how small I am by next year, but all in all it's a justification that I can make for my health and my happiness. And since I don't have to buy Christmas gifts for anyone this year, this is what I chose to blow the budget on!

I'll make sure to post the holiday blog, complete with pics from the hill - but just a little warm-up (or, rather - cool down) to show you where I'm headed:

Kicking Horse, British Columbia

Fresh powder anyone?

Such a teaser!

So here's hoping for more big dumps (ski term for LOTS of snow! hehe) - reports are that despite unseasonably warm temps in Edmonton and Calgary, the mountains have been producing and they've already seen 10+ feet of snow in places.

I am SO ready to get back out there - a leaner, meaner, fitter, more confident ski bunny - who looks dang good in that new outfit if I do say so myself!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...Mountains, here I come!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Kicking Horse!!! - I'm definitely jealous. I'm getting back into skiing this year too, after just watching the rest of my family do it for the last few years. I still haven't got my ski clothes yet. (Hoping to find some good after Christmas deals.) But we're heading to Quebec for a weekend in early February. And then to Sunday River (Maine) for my son's school break.
    2292 days ago
  • ALOFA0509

    love the ski outfit!!! very chic emoticon
    2293 days ago
    Wow! You look good, the mountains look good. Looks like fun.
    2293 days ago
    Sounds fun and fab! I love the orange.

    Go ski bunny!

    2294 days ago
    This post is making me want to go skiing! Thanks for posting the 1996 outfit, hehe, did we really dress like that back then? My 1996 clothes were probably worse. Your new gear looks great! Have fun!
    2294 days ago
    I hope you have a fabulous time! And here's wishing you no broken bones in the process. I love that you still have your old ski outfit!! Isn't it fun to take pics of things you used to wear, and now fit again! While you are heading to the snow, I am off to the beach in Venezuela. You will definitely be burning many more calories than I will be.
    Have a wonderful time!
    2295 days ago
    You look like the cutest ski bunny I have ever seen! Enjoy!!
    2295 days ago
    Jenn, I am so happy for you! You look amazing and such a sexy ski bunny in that new ski suit! And the fact that your old one is too big rocks too! I am so proud of you, and the fact that you can no longer be separating from skiing bliss. You just amaze me. Love you!
    2295 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    *laughs* you should have rocked the retro!!


    I would be terrified of falling and breaking every single bone at least twice in my body, I nearly threw up when I went ice skating I was so scared!
    2295 days ago
    Thanks for sharing I love your new and the old one reminds me of a jacket I had in middle school!

    I love that you are active and I believe for myself when I buy expensive things to help me more healthy it is worth it! Like I told my husband if you add up all the money we spend in soda and other stuff we can spend on new workout equipment!

    I really hope you enjoy your time!
    2295 days ago
    That sounds like a TON of fun!!!! I like your new suit and the old one cracks me up!!!! I think I had a very similar jacket in white orange and pink!!!!:-)
    2295 days ago
    I hope you'll have a great time! Y/ou have come so far! emoticon .
    2295 days ago
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday!
    2295 days ago
    You're going to have a terrific holiday. You do look very fashionable. I haven't been skiing for ages. There are hills here but nothing like you'll be experiencing. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing the pics.
    2295 days ago
    What fun you will have! You look fantastic in your new ski outfits. I tried skiing once and couldn't do muscles to get myself back up. I was never very active and was a little scared. But, my husband would like to go skiing and my son, who is 10, wants to learn snowboarding so, maybe when I get some more weight off, I will try skiing again.

    The photos are beautiful! Have fun and be safe!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2295 days ago
    I look forward to the ski report. You look great in your new gear . . . enjoy the adventure.
    2295 days ago
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