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Hi my name is Jen and I am an addict!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Every morning, as soon as I get out of bed and use the restroom,I weigh myself!
This is the way I start my day and how I set the tone of my feelings toward myself.
If it is a lower number I feel great! I actually feel skinnier and think people see me as I feel, great and sexy! My confidence is through the roof! I am nice to everyone and the whole world is nice to me! I see my life how I want it to go!
If my number is higher! Well then, I am so down on myself! Negative feelings about me being a failure and I am never going to accomplish anything! As soon as I see that number and then look at myself in the mirror all I see is this worthless, hugely fat, ugly, digesting looking failure! I then will forgo my healthy way of life cuz whats the point?
So I go up and down of being kind to myself and the being so awful to myself! And why? All because a number? I use to hear people say "don't let a number define you". And I thought "well I don't. This doesn't apply to me". I guess I have been in denial!
I had a breakthrough this week! I finally realized I was letting a number define me, my worth, my abilities!
Well I am DONE! I put the scale away for a month! Oh my gosh! I have never done this! I am going to rely on how I feel! Exercise and healthy eating makes me feel great! I am going to continue tracking my calories and exercises! I am going to get a body bugg and do this without the lying scale! I feel good and look good when I do it right! I don't need a dumb little scale telling me how to feel about me! I will weigh myself in a month after just going on tracking, exercising and how I feel!
I am excited to wake up tomorrow (day 2 of no weighing) and just listen to my body! To look at myself in the mirror, feeling my ab muscles being sore even while I wash my face and my legs being sore when I sit down, and just feeling the pride of knowing I kicked my booty yesterday and I love it! I will look at myself and love myself and love to take care of me! No more of this daily weighing for me! I will start with monthly weigh ins! Yikes that seems like a long time! But I need to break this addiction and just look at myself in the mirror with love and kindness! And pride!
Okay I am done! Just had to share what's going on with me! Good night my lovely friends! Going to do yoga and then watch a movie until hubbylicious comes home! See you later!
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    Hey Jen, did you do all the measurements when you started spark? even the weird ones like neck and wrist? When I first found spark I did those and then did them every 6 months. Those are numbers that make a difference in how your clothes fit and how your feel as you move inside your body. If you haven't done it you should do it this week. I do it the first week of January to start the year and the week school gets out to start the summer.

    Much love,
    2240 days ago
    That scale don't scare us! We're breaking up! I haven't weighted in weeks. And my new skinny jeans are looser! I guess I will weight this weekend.

    emoticon emoticon
    2241 days ago
    I'm on a scale break as well. I am going by how I feel and my energy level and how my clothes fit.
    2269 days ago
    The scale is actually the WORST indicator we can use. It fluctuates too much and doesn't reflect true body composition. A 150 lb woman with 30% body fat is going to look significantly different than a 150 lb woman with 15%. I say that, I KNOW that, yet I still weigh in weekly and react similarly....and have to fight myself not to jump on the scale "just to see" every day...several times a day.

    I think it's GREAT that you're putting that thing away. I'm gonna hold you to it ;-)

    2271 days ago
    Hang tough, you can do it.
    2271 days ago
    For some people a daily weigh-in is helpful, but for you it's toxic. Great idea to let other measures be your guide for how you're doing!
    2272 days ago
    I love this blog because it is so filled with pure truth.

    You can weight yourself every once month or even longer, you will get to know when to weight and when not to, and just like you said, just listen to your body and you will know.

    I have been through the same thing and decided I would rather feel good and strong and healthy and keep on with my healthy life style and eating habits instead of letting the scale tell me what to do.
    2272 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I weigh every single morning and wouldn't think of not weighing for a month, since in a month, I could pack on 15# easily. You would benefit from reading Judith Beck, PhD's wonderful book "The BECK Diet Solution". It isn't a "diet" but she teaches how to THINK like a THIN person. You need to learn how to answer back to those NEGATIVE thoughs and tell that voice in your head to SHUT UP.
    Dr. Beck is a Professor at the U. of Pennsylvania and has stayed slim for over 20+ years. I got her book at the library. She has a web site and clips on YouTube.
    2272 days ago
    It's interesting (and how sad) how we let those numvers define us, I soooo agree! And also, I very much relate to the scale addiction; I feel the same with regards to whether the number is up or down, and my day's feelings and reactions.

    Good on you for weighing less often!

    keep it up!

    2272 days ago
    This reminds me of my mom haha. She weighs herself every day. But this has helped her to lose over 60 lbs in the last year and a half! She writes down every day what she ate and records her weight; between those two things she can figure out what makes her gain and what helps her to lose it...but whatever works for you!! Stay sparkin', you're going to see a lot of awesome things happen as you keep up the good work
    2272 days ago
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