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Saturday, December 03, 2011

I started personal training about 3 weeks ago. My trainer Cory seriously kicks my butt even though the exercises aren't that hard. They are exercises I can do at home on my own. I was a little worried about paying for the extra sessions after my introduction sessions, but the more I learn, the better.

Each session he targets a different area, even though he has me working all areas every session. For instance, on the first session, we targeted my arms, even though I was working my legs and abs as well. My arms were sore the next day. The second session he targeted my legs and the third session he targeted my abs. My session last night he targeted my abs and back. I am not hurting yet but I expect to feel it tonight.

At the end of the session, I asked him to use those caliper things to measure my body fat. I am at 44.2 percent. Honestly I was surprised. I thought the percentage would be much higher. He said to be "perfect" I would need to be at 25%. That is less than 20% away. That doesn't seem to daunting, even though I know it is a long ways away. I will probably wait 6 months before asking for it to be done again.

I cannot afford to continue session after these 11 are done. So I was thinking I could probably afford to do 11 session increments twice a year, about 6 months apart. That way I can learn new exercises and during my time off from PT, I can practice doing the exercises at home. Then 6 months later, resume my sessions for 5-6 weeks, show him where I am and learn new exercises. Maybe I will do them in the summer and in the winter. I think it is doable. At least that is the plan. How it works out is to be seen.

I have until January 16th, which will be my last session unless one gets cancelled and rescheduled between now and then, it's going to at least be that week. Then I can probably start my next group of sessions in June, which would conclude just before my cruise in July.

I told my trainer last night that my goal for December is to lose 13 lbs so I could start the New Year at 260lbs. It's going to be stretch but since he knows my goal he said he is going to do everything in his power to help me reach it. I like that. I was scared to start personal training but I love having someone other then myself to be accountable to. Not to mention that I am paying a lot of money for him to get me into shape so I better do what he tells me to do. He asks me about my week and exercises; he questions my calories intake for the week and each day. I try to eat well just because I don't want to have to try to explain why I ate so poorly and why I didn't make better choices. I love having someone who pushes me.

And he does push me. I was doing some exercises to work the back of my arms and I don't count the reps. I let him count. So I was getting to the end of them and my arm was really shaking and he said I had three more. I finished the three and he then told me that those last three were actually three extra. That instead of doing 15 reps, I did 18. He wanted to see what I was really capable of doing and he wanted to show me what I was capable of doing. Of course when he told me that I did three extra, I told him he sucked, but really I enjoy it. I am paying to be pushed. I want to be pushed. I know I am capable doing a lot more then I do, but when it starts getting hard, when it starts hurting, I stop. But with him standing there in front of me cheering me on, counting them down for me, I just focus and do it!

I know personal training is expensive, but if you could just put together enough funds for 3 session, or 5 session or even 10, you would be amazed at how much you can learn in those few sessions. Exercises you can learn to do at home when you no longer have a PT. You can learn just how strong and capable you are. You will learn proper positions and form. You will learn how to burn more calories in less time. And if you are like me and dislike strength training, once you learn the proper forms and how to make strength training more effective, you will learn to enjoy it. I mean, your muscles remain tight and strong for a good day afterwards and you will enjoy showing people just how much muscle you have.

Do what you gotta do, but I definitely recommend doing at least 3 sessions with a PT.
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    I never considered PT because I find it intimidating but this blog has made me reconsider. I would love the support but I would hate someone screaming at me like a drill sergeant. I'm so glad it's working for you and I think the idea of twice a year is a great reward and motivator for you!
    2145 days ago
    It sounds fascinating and well worth the money.I think being accountable to someone accounts for a lot. Imagine...260 for New Year!!! Go for it!!
    2146 days ago
    Do what you gotta do
    says it all
    2146 days ago
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