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Two Aqua Zumbas

Saturday, December 03, 2011

For the past few months I have been enjoying the new Aqua Zumba class at my health club and even beginning to venture into land Zumba via Zumba Gold. But the past few weeks I have been away from home visiting family, and was able to attend an AqZ class there. The contrast couldn't have been bigger. We'll call the two classes Home and Away.

At Home, the instructor is a bitty little blonde bundle of energy who has been a dancer all her life and a dance teacher for most of the adult part of it. She teaches all kinds of Zumba, but is gravitating toward the lower impact forms of Aqua and Gold. Her dances are very Latin, with lots of swivelly hips and shimmying shoulders.

The Away instructor is a 6-foot tall guy, a Federal cop who does his class on the way to his night shift at work. His dances are based mainly on hip hop and calisthenics, angular and precise, with a little bhangra thrown in. Just about 180 degrees different from Home.

The great thing is that I love both workouts! Both are really suited to the music played, and the contrast is a great illustration of the creative leeway that Zumba allows its instructors. And it's also incentive to try different instructors when I can; each one gives a different fun experience.
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