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Winter 5% cahllenge....a few more thoughts

Friday, December 02, 2011

I can't believe that I'm already so behind on the Winter Challenge. It hasn't even started and I already feel so behind. I haven't even finished all my pre challenge assignments.But I have something to blame that on. Not having my laptop for a few days can do some pretty strange things.. I still managed to log on, on my iPad, but hated SP on the iPad. Everything just took so long. Anyhow.... none of this goes to say that I am not ready to start the challenge. I'm completely charged up and ready to go.

I still have to talk about reasons I want to lose weight though. All the same reasons as last time. Nothing seems to have changed here and I doubt that any of those reasons will ever change. I also doubt that any of my reasons are any different from anybody else's reasons. I just want to lose weight for all the right reasons. Still, good health is still my main reason. Ofcourse, clothes and being able to fit into normal sizes is another very strong motivator. There is nothing quite as sexy as being fit though . This is true at every age, and I don't want to grow into a fat and sick old lady. Thats just not happening for me.

Trigger foods. I have to do a lot of thinking here, because I don't think I really have any trigger foods. Maybe cheese and nuts to an extent,but not really. Actually my main trigger is food itself. I eat very healthful,clean food. Well, most of the time anyway ! I just eat too much food. Unfortunately there is such a thing as 'too much of a good thing' ! I rarely crave sugar and When and If I do, its easily satisfied with a bite or two. After that sugar sickens me. I'm truly grateful for that. I love some nice dark chocolate though.
My triggers are more about eating when I'm bored rather than about what I eat. I do tend to snack mindlessly sometimes,especially when I don't have an agenda. Thats what I am going to work with this Winter. Everytime I start my silly mindlessness I plan to do 20 reps of any' pre planned for the day' exercise or go for a walk around the block. Hopefully this should serve as a reminder to shut my mouth.
So how am I going to cut my calories ? Now thats the million dollar question ! I have worked out a few basic 'go to' meals for most of the time. The hard part of course will be sticking with them,because I can be very impulsive. Gotta fight that. I also find that I need to save most of my calories for dinner because I just can't get to sleep on an empty stomach. So its going to have to be very light eating through the day. Earlier I was eating well both night and day. That just tips the balance and doesn't work.

The main reason that I have not succeeded in the past is because I have the 'tomorrow' or the 'monday morning' or the 'first of next month' mentality. I think its time to wake up and smell the coffee. Literally...because today is a 'real' day and its why am I waiting for tomorrow all the time ? What is it that I can do 'tomorrow' that I can't do today ? So I'm gonna 'just do it' right now anyway. I also loved my friend JENN245's idea of having a card for each day that reads 'Day 1',' Day 2' etc. That way you start paying attention to each day because those days are counted. If you blow it for whatever reason , you still can't wish the day away and you tend not to blow it completely. Its all too easy to say "What the hell, I'll start right again tomorrow". But see this time 'tomorrow ' is going to stand up and be counted. Its also what our very own THETURTLEBEAR always says "Just for today ". So that is going to be my plan of action from now on. Its going to be 'Just for today', and that 'today' will have no way of disappearing out of sight from the back door. That 'today' is going to be fully accountable.

I have put on a little weight since the Fall challenge ended. I'm about a pound up and I don't like it because I have been pretty much sticking to my calorie range and doing my exercise. But I do know that there are a thousand variables and being hypothyroid and menopausal doesn't help either. But I am going to stick with it anyway,because I know that it will move soon. It has to ! Plus my weight does seem to have a fear of challenges lets see how far we can push it this time.

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