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Supreme 90 Day Review: Core Dynamics

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First off: NO BALL!!

That said. . .

Core Dynamics is deceptive.

Total running time is ONLY 18 minutes.

So of course (as I was sitting on my couch previewing it) my first thought was: RIP OFF!! This is only eighteen piddly minutes. How the hell am I ever going to "get ripped" and stop being such a freaking fatty if my exercise for the day is ONLY 18 pathetic minutes.

Deep down, I knew I was being tricked. I've done enough of these dvds to know that "only" put in front of the running time is the quickest way to set yourself up for major pain. Especially if the dvd is one of the timed ones (meaning more cardio based, where you work for 30 seconds then rest) versus "reps" (where you need to complete X number of Y exercises--time be damned).

But that didn't stop me from thinking I was such a fabulous bad ass that I could do "Core Dynamics" and then "Cardio Challenge" back to back. I mean, come on. It would ONLY be a total of 53 minutes (ok, round up to 60 to include warm up and cool down). I've done 60 minute dvds before. And not just easy crap. Bob Harper's dvds are butt kickers and LONG. And I can keep up with Bob (well, his gym bunnies since his royal hindass Harper doesn't "do" any exercise in his dvds--yet he sweats like a fat whore on nickel night--but I digress). So since I had been lazy the day before I could just double up on Sunday and do both dvds back to back.

And I did. I churned out "Core Dynamics" without much drama. Yes, it was a challenging 18 minutes. You see, there's just not much REST during those 18 minutes. Our boy Tom sets up a handful of exercise (3-4) per round and you do them back to back, 30 seconds each. That sounds so simple on paper but when you're smack in the middle of it, panting like a dog and chiding yourself for thinking "only 18 minutes" AND staring down the barrel of doing "cardio challenge" after it, yeah, it's a work out.

It's a workout I really liked, too. I like gasping and panting and working hard (really hard) for 18 minutes and then being DONE. You hear that, Bob Harper. I resent you taking up 60 minutes of my precious time (though really, I would have just pissed it away anyhow. . .so).

I got through "Core Dynamics" without any issues ("issues" meaning having to pause the dvd--I don't like to pause the timed ones since that really does defeat the whole purpose). I did, however, have "issues" when it came time for "cardio challenge". I had to pause that bad mamma jamma two different times. I just needed a bit longer of a break then the built in 30 seconds rest (between exercises). They weren't long drawn out things (about 30-45 seconds each) but I just COULD.NOT. do anything else until I took that bit of time to get my breathing under control and get my mind focused.

Lesson learned. If I'm going to double up on dvds I need to be prepared to sacrifice a bit of intensity. Yeah, dumbass, that's why "professionals" figured this exercise schedule out (and don't have you doing two dvds back to back). And that's why you chose to do a program like this, so you could just mindlessly follow along. So stop overthinking this crap and just do what they tell you on the day they tell you, FOOL!

Bottom line: "Core Dynamics" is a solid dvd that would be great on its own for a day when you really are pressed for time. OR if you want a bit of intensity to pair with some easier exercise that day (like a bike ride/short run/walk). Or if you're nuts and want to really FEEL what it's like to max out your ability, pair it with another S90D dvd and do them back to back. Yeah, that will humble your flabby smartassed self.
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DAWN0237 11/30/2011 6:54PM

  too funny!
i just did this one today- 1st time!
the total running time is 29min.-5 warmup-18 stand/floor toning-6 stretch.
( gives the breakdown when you preview dvds they sell)
anyways.. you are so right! short and sweet with lots of sweat!

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