Running a Race - first 10km ever!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2 days to race day gorgeous woman!
I know you are full of nerves and feel you have not prepared enough and know you could have done better if you hadn't self sabotaged this month.
You will go with the flow on Sunday. You will run that race, your first 10km, and learn this:

Routines are the backbone of my successes in life.

A busy month travelling interstate and regional has left my training schedule in tatters! Not to mention celebratory drinks. I let myself down and feel bad about it. :(
I am anxious about being exhausted before I even start the race.

I need to believe in myself, know that I have trained for 3 months and not trained much for 1 month.
So I am not as fit as I was a month or 6 weeks ago, this means I'm going to run a hard race.

It doesn't matter. Kick out that perfectionism!
Because this year I ran an 8km race & this 2 km more is doable.
Because this time two years ago I could barely run a block, not even 1/2 a km.
Because this time last year I was happy to say I run, I run 5 kms!
Because I know I am going to finish and achieve this years goal of running my first 10 km race.
Who am I racing for? Myself. My health, my body, me!
Will I enjoy this race? Yes. It's in a beautiful bush town. I get to run up a mountain to a gorgeous waterfall.
I get to run down a river path, in the bush.
I get to enjoy a rainy run in nature, not too hot, maybe windy.
I get to run with my partner and we both get a break from parenting & pet ownership thanks to a supportive grandma, uncles, aunties & dog-sitting friends.
I am grateful to have legs that run, a body that feels, good health and great community.
I think my strategy is to take it really really slowly up the mountain and then fast as I can down the track.

"There are only three winners: The one who competes with himself, The one who crosses the finish line first And the one who finishes the race."

Sri Chinmoy
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