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Motivate Week 1

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For the main challenge this week, think about what motivates you. What brought you to motivate, to spark? Why are you ready to take on your weight loss goals now? And if you have been struggling, what is getting in your way? Think about your journey here and post a blog or to your team page with a response for 30 points.

My main motivation: Good health. I want to be like my snowshoeing buddy – 74 and hoofing it up mountainsides, enjoying the view and the company. I want hubby and I to be these people:

And the only way to do that is to take care of my health NOW.

“Old age takes away what we have inherited and gives what we have earned.” Gerald Brenan.

I came to spark 1.5 years ago. Forty years old, sitting on the couch, aches and pains in all of my joints. The days one endless blur of unhappiness. And I realized I couldn’t stand the thought of living another 30 years in that body. It had become less painful to change than to stay the same.
Motivate is my third challenge with the Sunny Gals. The weekly challenges give me a little variety on this long journey. Most times now I find I’m already doing the challenge activity, but sometimes the challenges push me in new directions and I learn from that. The next four weeks are going to be a good time for me to focus my energy on my weight loss goals since hubby is working away & I’ll have a lot of alone time to fill.

I’ve struggled a bit recently with the scale – other health issues have been taking precedence. Through altering my nutrition and taking the naturopath’s advice on supplements, I’m doing much better. I’m feeling very motivated to move forward with the weight loss, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my overall health. Sometimes it’s best for our health to push forward and sometimes it’s best to rest up. Figuring out which time is now is the tricky part.

To achieve my weight loss goals, I’m going to:

Stay within calorie range of 1500-1850 cal per day.
Burn 3500 cal/week with exercise
Focus on curbing evening snacking.
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