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Time time time... is (not) on my side

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I realized yesterday that I'm being very unrealistic with my own expectations of how much time I need to allow for the things I'm trying to make sure I do. I'm just not factoring in enough time to get things done. I have this perception that everything takes about a half hour, when in reality a half hour is never enough. I may step out the door for a run and come back a half hour later, but then I need to stretch, eat something, feed the dogs and cat, clean the litter box... Then getting ready should only take about... a half hour right? I shower, brush my teeth, put some product in my hair and occasionally take the time to blow dry it, get dressed, pack up some lunch, warm up the car. Suddenly I realize it's been two and half hours since I got up... and *shocking* I'm late for work. Again.

The same thing goes for running errands, completing school work, even work projects. The time just ticks by. And where does adding exercise fit into all this?

I suppose it has come down to sacrifices. In order to make time for running (and walking dogs after), and stretching, AND yoga, something else has to go. So what's low enough priority to get the ax? TV. The boob tube. I have been fooling myself into thinking I'd really cut a lot of TV time out - telling my friends I haven't caught the latest tv shows because I'm too busy with school - when in reality I still spend way too much time in front of the tv. I'll sit down and turn it on when I'm taking a break from school work and suddenly a half hour (or sometimes an hour) goes by before I realize it. I get sucked into some terrible movie that I've seen four times already and just like that *poof* an hour of my life goes by that I'll never get back. An hour that I could have spent catching up on reading, eventually adding up to two hours I could have used to go to yoga!

Last night I came home, got Molly and ran a quick errand to the pet store and to grab a quick take-out dinner (healthy - I promise). I came home and started to sit down on the couch and turn on the tv while I ate. Then I thought to myself "this is where I am wasting all my time." Using the excuse that I've worked hard all day and I deserve a break, I will usually talk myself into relaxing and letting a half hour pass by. After last week, though, it's plain that I can't do that anymore. Every minute is crucial if I'm going to succeed, not only in increasing my weekly exercise, but also in my school work and managing stress and staying organized. There's really only one tv show that I am devoted to watching, and if I'm completely honest with myself, I can tivo it and watch it when I can build it into my schedule.

So what about the morning craziness I go through every day? Well, if I'm not wasting a half hour or an hour watching useless tv while I eat dinner, that leaves that much more time for me to finish up my school work and get to bed earlier, meaning I can get up a half hour or an hour earlier. Realistically that's all I need. Time to schedule!

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