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Is it Providence or Surrender?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For the 2nd time in as many months, my kid is home sick with the flu. There is always something about vacations and school holidays that calls for what ever germs are floating around and hits our schools and before long, teachers and parents also are ill. It is so bad, apparently, that the attendance clerk asked for details because the health department was tracking them. To his credit, Josh hates to miss school because the make up work is brutal. I knew when he came home from school last night that he would be a no-show today. Turns out to be a good call as he is so much improved this evening. He usually pushes through, feeling bad for 4-5 days. He expects to go to school tomorrow.

My last blog confessed to my perpetual hate-love affair with Dr Pepper. I hate that I allow it such control over me - like needing a fix. It reveals either a weakness in me, or maybe just an unwillingness to take control. Probably both. So I came up with a goal to drop these ten pounds that have returned and to do it before my next doctors appointment which is in 5 weeks. I took my measurements and my weight and this is Day One. Day One of a day without Dr Pepper. Hopefully it will turn into weeks & months but I'm just concentrating on it a day at a time. Every time that I get ill, hungry, sad, etc, DP is always the first thing I reach for and the only thing I will have until I have recovered.

Wouldn't you know it, I have the flu. Sore throat, aches, chills. I know as sure as I type this that a DP will make me feel better for as many ounces as I drink. It also causes my clothes to shrink on my body.

I've considered this before and still wonder if I'm crazy. Every time I get off DP, my body revolts with a sinus infection, allergy attack, or sore throat - most of the time it is all 3 at the same time. Is this all in my head? Is the timing merely coincidental? Wonder what Joyce Brothers would say? Or Dear Abby? Should I just give in and let that cold, sugary elixir soothe my throat? I know myself - I won't stop until both 12-packs are finished.

I might could save myself a lot of grief if I would just wean myself gradually from DP.

Right. When pigs fly.

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    Give up that lover - he's no good for you! He's not worth getting sick for anymore!
    2248 days ago
    ugg sorry you feel so bad, I hope your feeling better soon.
    and like someone said not drinking soda is a cold turkey thing but don't look at it as you can never have it.. it is something you enjoy. but like you said if you set goals you will reach them. maybe if you plan for the drink and work it into your daily caloires range (when you feel you would like one) then it wont be so bad.. I am like that with pizza I got to have it and I could eat it morning noon and night, so I have to stop eating it but when I plan for it and know I am going to have it then I do not feel so bad..right now pizza is a no no for me but maybe in a few months I will bring it back in

    Good Luck with your goals your on the right track

    2252 days ago
    You have what it takes to go the distance LR! just keep your water bottle handy and keep it full! (in-between emptys that is!) get some low cal flavors for the water if you dont like plain water. or get one of those water carbonaters and make your own fizzy drinks!

    when i quit drinking sodas 1.5 years ago, i didnt even think about it. i just set my mind to it and did it. i know you have a determination in you, and i know you know how to use it! the only part i missed was the fizzys. now, on occasion i will have a diet soda. or a really special occasion, i will have a fully sugared soda. (long neck coke in a bottle from mexico! Yummy! made with real sugar. ya, like that i good for me, right?)

    and no, i dont think that being off of the soda is making you sick. this time of the year, everyone is either sick, or getting ready to be sick!!

    Come'On Sparky, YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!!
    2258 days ago
    Soda is totally one of those things that must be cold turkey for me too. Good luck and feel better!
    2258 days ago
    I can so relate. I actually went without diet soda for five months. I had one soda one day as a lark and slowly worked my way back up to 2 or 3 a day now. My poison is diet Cherry Pepsi. I have nicknamed it "Brewsky" I am pretty good during the day at work drinking water. However when I get home and am exhausted or I need instant joy I turn to my soda.

    The only thing that works from me not drinking is for it not to be in the house or to drink Snapple.

    Perhaps you can find another drink substitute that will rock your world so you can say good bye to DP. I think your withdrawal symptoms will fade as a result.
    2258 days ago
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