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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yes, I've been online W-A-Y too much since my last blog as I explore what others have to say about success, productivity, time and self-management, to name a very few. I have bought a digital timer for myself to keep from having to set the alarm on my rinkie-dink cellphone. I've been trying to get myself trained to doing things in 'time-boxes'. Sometimes a new gadget breathes new life and fun into my day.

I ran across a blog that wanted to reflect on here.

Make the choice to have success. You must decide what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it. No one else can, will, nor should do that for you.

Well of course I want success! I want it overflowing, oozing out of every crook and crevice. I want it to run me down like a stampede. But that is where I have stopped.
What do I want? Upgraded health (less stress on my knees, good cholesterol readings, clear well-woman visits)
Why do I want it? Seems a no-brainer, but I gave it some thought anyway. Prime health assures a better quality of life and hopefully a longer one. And how about no stressing over health problems - truly a bonus. Less medical bills. Fewer pills to take.
How do I plan to achieve it? This trips me up everytime. I am the world's best at making lists, charts, schedules, rules - you name it. Implementation is my biggest issue. Sometimes I start real good, only to taper off or worse - crash. I will give this one deeper thought.


Staying focused - I do that with the discipline of kids at Christmas. I have added "staying focused" to my distractions list for further research. My new timer won't help me eat the right things.


I have a problem with this one. I know that failure is part of my life, but I'm not wanting to welcome it - unless it is confirmation that something does NOT work and I don't need to waste any more time with it. I do attempt to grow and learn from a failure and see it as a temporary condition to move forward from, after all, I don't want to repeat it.


One would think that trying to accomplish the same goals year after year would not require this action. Personally, I get depressed when I see how many of them I have written down. Maybe the trick is to just work on one at a time? I think this is where staying focused is key.

Also need more effort to break goals down into smaller, measurable pieces.


No issues with planning for me. Truly, I should be awarded the "world's best planner" trophy as I sit with my planners, calendars, and what nots and do's surrounding me daily.

Internet digging has given me several new recipes that have made their way into my nutrition food groupings. Logging food takes time, so this will help.


Isn't this what Spark People does best? I've said this before, but I get attached to cyber peeps who just vanish. This causes me to be leery to make new friends. I need to work on my "rolling right along" skills to make new friends. Add that to the list.


Now we are getting to the meat of my problem. FOLLOW - THROUGH! I've always known a plan without action is just a used piece of paper. It isn't much fun being a spectator to all the success that is rampant on Spark People, but here I are. (And No - I are a star does not come next.)


Never, ever have I rewarded myself because completion of a goal was it's own reward. And with me, rewards have a tendency to overflow where they shouldn't and then their value is diminished.


Silly me has just been plodding along doing the same things and hoping for a different outcome.

This one tripped me up until I remembered the words of Pastor Hagee that I wrote somewhere in my Bible that goes like this - "To get something you've never had, you're gonna have to do something that you've never done".

AKA - I have to get out of my comfort zone. I did do that for 3 months earlier this year when I dropped 40+ pounds on the 17-day diet. Now I am back to the same old eating habits that got me there and more than 10 of those pounds are back. I am reaping what I'm sowing.


Bill Phillips says we keep promises to every one but ourselves. One of my biggest struggles is Dr Pepper. If I am ill, busy, tired, hungry, pissed, sad - ANYTHING, Dr Pepper makes me feel better. I see it for the excuse that it is, but I haven't changed it so far.

I'll keep saying it - I'm willing to be willing to eradicate DP from my life - but I'm not there yet. If there is a nemesis in my life, it is Dr Pepper.

I have found so many juicy bits in my digging - perhaps the most valuable for today is to use my timer to assign projects/chores/etc into a given period of time.

And the little ding-a-ling is screaming right now. I guess it works!

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    Great blog! I think I need to write my own thoughts on those 10 "Thou Shalts". Love the timer suggestion. I used to do that to keep me from getting lost online. I think I need to start that up again.

    Keep up the good work!
    2283 days ago
    Great blog and great ideas. Focusing on just a few of the ideas at a time for myself will be helpful! I'm a big list maker. I love crossing things off as I go. Sometimes I'll even add stuff to it that I did and cross it off right away just to see the progress! As for the housecleaning...I'm still plugging away, but making progress. Closets are my nightmare. The house can look clean, but don't open a drawer or a closet!! Have a great week! emoticon
    2295 days ago
    Great ideas!
    2295 days ago
    Love your list :)
    2295 days ago
    Great Blog Sis!
    it is hard making new friends to just turn around and lose later on, but there is a saying about friends:

    Friends come and go throughout our lives and understanding this makes it easier to let some go....

    Different Types Of Friends

    © Sasha17

    We all have many types of friends,
    And in our life they come and go.
    But if we can understand their roles,
    Then it can be easier to let some go.

    Some friends are there for you,
    At a time when you are in dire need.
    They have come into life for a reason,
    Giving you what you require indeed.

    But when this reason is resolved,
    It often becomes time to part,
    Because when the reason is gone,
    Both may want a fresh new start.

    Other friends are there for a season,
    To laugh with and have lots of fun.
    But just as seasons come to an end,
    Sometimes these friendships are done.

    Some people are very fortunate,
    To have very special lifetime friends.
    Who will remain in their life forever,
    And that is a friendship that never ends.

    I am lucky and have many lifetime friends,
    Who came into my life for a reason.
    We’ve enjoyed many laughs and shed tears,
    But they stayed long after a season.


    so, go make some friends! even if they are just seasonal, they might just have the answer to your issue!

    okay, is John Hagee your pastor? i used to go to his church back in the old days before they moved in to the new huge building, back in 1987 is when i left there. i moved to Alabama. i love Pastor Hagee! Cornerstone was a great church.

    DR. Pepper. have you been to the Dublin bottling company? the DP there is unique because it is made from a different recipe than all the other DR bottlers. it is made with real sugar there. i havent been there, but i have an article hanging on my "traveling" board of places i want to go.

    as for dieting, that is something that i just cannot do. well, i take it back. i can do it long enough to get to where i want, but then i cannot maintain it. portion control has been the best thing for me. i still get to eat what i want, but only up to my daily calorie allotment.

    2295 days ago
    Hey Lynne -

    I must be one of those disappearing peeps you mentioned. hehehe. But I'm BAAAACK!

    I loved this blog! Thanks for sharing what you found and adding your personal twist on making it work for you! GOOD JOB! Awareness is key to change!

    One thing that really helps me is to reevaluate how well I stuck to my game plan at the end of the day. What worked, what didn't, and how can I address any troublesome areas the next time that situation occurs to ensure a greater probability of success... Sort of visualize myself succeeding.

    Seems like there's a few of us who have regained some weight. This would be a great time to motivate each other, especially with the holidays lurking!!!

    Keep up your great efforts! I'll be checking in to see how things are going. MAKE YOU HAPPEN!!!
    2296 days ago
    Loved this blog especially #9. If you're expecting what are you giving to give those results? What I appreciated most about this blog was your honesty. You rock!
    2296 days ago
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