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Vlog: Progress, Training & Planning - Oh My!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I jabbered a lot today. Miss you all! About minute 8 there is a question! :)
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  • 2008GINA
    I would agree with the others that said see if you can do once a week instead. I see a trainer but she understands that I can only come every other week due to finances, instead of the once-a-week she really wants me to do. She would rather I come in every other week to meet with her than not at all. It helps my accountability factor too. I don't have people around me physically, so she is the main person I'm accountable to. I find myself doing much better with my eating especially on the weeks when I have a session with her. My suggestion would be try for a while. That's not a bad price, and if you see results and/or feel more encouraged, stick with it. If you get dejected, if it doesn't really make a difference to you mentally/physically, if you don't think the trainer's really adding anything for you, then stop. Does your gym have aerobics classes at all? I find that since those are on a consistent schedule, it helps me plan out that (for example) I need to be at the gym at 6:30 on Monday to do Zumba and I actually go more often when I'm going to a class. I don't worry about doing every single thing perfectly, since I'm well aware that I can't at this point. I know nobody's looking, and if they are, I've actually had people tell me that I'm doing great and keep it up. Nobody's ever said anything negative.

    On a side note, I think I'm going to borrow your meal planning idea. Great setup! :)
    2289 days ago
  • PEARL8264
    2290 days ago
    2292 days ago
    I just loved your vlog! It's so fun to see the people behind the name. :P Congrats on getting a personal trainer. I'm not nearly that brave...yet.

    I also love your idea with the meal planning. I usually end up doing that anyway, but not on purpose. :P
    2292 days ago
    It was great to finally see and hear you in a vlog.... maybe I should do one too. I'm glad you really enjoy your new trainer... I think it is totally worth the money, but maybe you can convince him to do it once per week, and then try to do the stuff on your own on the second day to save some $$?

    2292 days ago
    Sounds like youve got everything planned out for some amazing weight loss! I didn't know you could do vlogs on sparkpeople. I may have to check this feature out!
    2292 days ago
    It's great your helping your mom at the same time and she's willing to take in your thoughts for consideration, my mom isn't very open to changing bad habits.

    Having a trainer to get you familiar with routines is great. I just recently asked about a trainer at my gym, for 12 months, 4 days a week at 1 hour sessions is more than 6 thousand!!!!!!!!! Well I was very discouraged after that. Then I went to the library and got the fitness bible called "The Lean Body Promise." It explains how to use fitness machines, routines that always change, eating plans and so much more. I would recommend for you to check it out.

    I like the idea of 14 meals you can pick from that advice is awesome, I should try it!

    My little boy just said bye when you said bye on your blog, he's 21 months. So cute.

    Anyways look forward to your next blog.

    2292 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/12/2011 8:05:24 AM

    I watched your Vlog, and was like OMG! I was totally her! So, I know about the struggles with living with family. Its hard. It really is, then you are influenced based on what they are doing, eating, etc. What you should know though, is that by making changes that directly affect you, you are changing them as well. For instance, if you go down to the basement and work out lets say 10 minutes a day. Lets say you do it for a month, then take your daughter with you, and show her some simple and fun exercises. Then soon everyone in the house will be wondering what on earth, you could be doing down there that is so much fun! Well then, soon you'll need more equipment, cuz the whole family will be down there! (Remember, everyone has to share :)

    I think that your thoughts about a meal plan are going to work for you. I have also struggled with maintaining to eat at home instead of out all the time. What I have found as a lure, is to try something really yummy once a week. So sounds like you guys love frozen custard. Why not see if you can find a healthier recipe for it? Instead of going out for it, why not try to make it yourself? By doing that, then you are learning a new fun and yummy recipe. Then, what you do is, you tell yourself. Okay, every night that I make dinner at home, I am going to have one serving of my home made custard! (Or two or three LOL! Depending on how many calories it is, etc) That will help you stay on track. I promise! :D

    Another thought that I had for you, is regarding your personal trainer. I have one, as well. My trainer helped me save money as she taught me 4 exercises that we use as "core exercises" so no matter what I know that I can go back to those exercises and still be burning calories. However, she then went ahead and typed up some "new exercises" that I could try on my own. So like she put on some yoga poses, or some suggestions for classes, etc. All of which help me, to keep my body on its toes, and save some money. Think about maybe suggesting that to your trainer okay? So maybe you could see them once a week, instead of 4 times? Its just a thought. :D

    Holly, one thing really bothered me about your blog. Now, please don't take this as being mean. Okay? :D Your friend, may not want to do the classes, or go. But you have too! I know its hard to go alone, and is terrifying to go into the gym when its busiest (Girl do I know it) but, next time, when you pull up the gym and its full. Leave your bag in your car. Okay? Walk into the gym, and go straight to the bathroom. Okay? Sit in the bathroom, (yes I know its weird, but trust me it works :) with the door shut and take 3 deep breaths. After that, go out of the bathroom, and find one machine, (or locker or something) that you like to do, and point it out in your mind. So you see the machine, its empty. So tell yourself, I am going to go get my bag, and am going to change. Then without looking at anyone I am going to attack that machine! Walk out, and go back to your car. Now here is the tricky part! DO NOT GET BACK INTO YOUR CAR!! Grab your bag, go back and change and walk up to that machine like it just insulted your momma. You look it right in the face, and say (you dont' have to out loud, but I do it) I'm going kick your butt. You are going to cry when I'm done with you. Then start your workout.

    I know that sounds crazy, but I've actually done it. Several times. Actually one was the other day. Cuz no machine is going to insult my momma! Once you get started, the anxiety, it all goes away. I promise. Remember the anxiety, can only hurt you if you let it. And them people in that gym, they spoke words of war. They insulted your momma, dog, kids, your car, your aunt besty from bermuda. etc. Just remember. If John Wayne and Clint Eastwood would go in, so can you, okay? (Just a little western thing, to think about, since I went a little crazy in explaining )

    We love you Holly. Keep it up, and you will defeat everything. I promise.

    -- Hope
    2292 days ago
    Glad to hear that cleaning at your mom's is going well and progressing, woohoo! I've never had a trainer or anything like that, but I think it would help me. I agree with CINDYTW that trainers are for those who need the motivation and that's something I need. Best of luck deciding :-) Have a great weekend emoticon
    2292 days ago
    As someone who has done personal training I can say that you CAN do the same things on your own if you are really motivated to find new workouts and look things up and go to classes. Trainers are for those who cannot motivate themselves. I am one of those people sometimes and have bought training services a number of times. A group rate is the best way to go I think. More for the money and additional pressure to show up!!
    2293 days ago
    I am so glad you had a good experience with your personal trainer!! I have a new trainer myself, and I am hopeful for good results!! I know the cost is really outrageous and that makes it really difficult. I wish you luck with your Thanksgiving meal plans, hopefully you will find a way that works well for everyone. I am dreading my meal, because I know I will be the center of attention. What I eat or don't eat, always draws attention to me. I hate it!! Keep up the good work!! emoticon
    2293 days ago
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