Well I did it... the NYC marathon

Monday, November 07, 2011

I had a great time. The weather was beautiful and met very nice people. To great the race we left at 5:30 am so my husband could drop me off before they closed the highway to traffic. That was way early but at least the clocks went back an hour (extra hour of sleep).

When I arrived they divided everyone into three villages, blue, green, and orange. I was orange. I got there so early because we hit no traffic at all there was only a few thousand runners there, which seemed empty at the time. From the orange village you could see the buses lined up to drop off runners. I went to my village where they had dunkin donuts coffee, gatorade, powerbars, bagels available to the runners. I had a second breakfast there because it was a 4 hour wait until I ran.

In regards to the run we started in Staten island on the Verrazano bridge, the sun was shining and very little breeze. They sound the start and off we went. I made sure that I did not take off fast, it is a marathon not a 5k. I keep a comfortable 11 mm until nature called around 10.25 miles so I stopped shortly after to wait for 12 minutes in line. The race course did not have many porta potties around the route. By the time I got back to the course I had cooled down so reentered at a warm up pace and then picked it up. I missed formernonrunner at mile marker 11 who was cheering me on. Thanks for the support though we missed each other. I continued on until around mile marker 14 I got a sharp and hot sensation in my left hamstring, so I walked for about a 1/2 mile until it went away. At this point I met another runner running for the same charity, North Shore Animal League. I walked with him until we were just about to enter into Manhattan. He told me this is where you will feel like a rockstar because of all the cheering. As we entered we started running again. Yes, it was nice to here the cheering and it was loud. Around mile marker 18 they were passing our gel packets from power bar. Much needed. I was doing good may be a little slower than I wanted to go but I was happy with my progress. As I go to the mile marker 23 I decided I wanted to pick up the pace to reduce my time, but not a good idea. Just as I started to pick up my pace an extremely sharp pain in my left hamstring. Almost brought me to tears. At first I was just going to walk to the finish but then I thought I ran 23 miles I can finish the last 3.2 miles running. I ended up running slower than I was before. Lost more time but I finished. Official time was 5:16:27. Not the best but i am proud.

All I can say is I will do this again next year if I can get in. I enjoyed the experience and next time I will do better. Going into marathon I had a new boss starting a few weeks before the race and one week before my dog lost the use of his back legs. He is getting better now. Next time I will not have as much going on and I can focus on the race.

Thank you to everyone who supported or gave me words of encouragement. I got kjdoeslife's encouragement as I was sitting in the village waiting for the race. Thanks.

I think that my hamstring is going to take awhile to heal. Last night I had to manual unbend my leg in the car. The rest of the body is tired but good. A few slightly sore muscle but that was expected. I still have all my toenails none of them are black.
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