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Sunday, November 06, 2011

My last three blogs have talked about the process I've been going through to figure out the right plan for me to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. I've talked about what my end result would be, what some of my mid-range goals are, I've decluttered my surroundings, my life and my thinking. I've talked about the notebooks I've gone through from past attempts and some motivation to help me get where I want to go. I talked about going to and creating pictures of me at my goal. Here's one of those pics:

This past week I took the time to put it all together into a plan that works for me. First I worked on my Nutrition. I realized that the reason I've never been able to keep my previous weight losses off is because I've always chosen a plan that was too restrictive for me. I've never been a person who falls to peer pressure. The more someone tried to get me to follow the crowd, the more I've turned the other way. If a plan tells me I can't eat something, I want it more. So I had to create a plan that allowed everything. If everything is allowed then I won't feel pressured and the urge to fight back and eat whatever I want. Having said that, there have to be boundaries, I know I can't eat a pint of ice cream, but I can eat 1/2 cup and savor it. So I came up with some guidelines that are loose, but healthy and easy to follow.

My Nutrition Guidelines:

1) Drink eight glasses of water per day.
2) Eat at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies per day.
3) Choose lean protein and complex carbs at every meal.
4) Snacks should be a fruit or veggies paired with a lean protein (nuts, hummus, nut butter, etc.)
5) Eat fish twice a week - Salmon, tuna, etc. wild caught is preferable, battered is not!
6) Keep calories around 1600 per day. No day will be a perfect 1600, but most days will be close.
7) Nothing is off limits, just plan it into your day.
8) Cookie Friday! (Okay I stole this from the blog Carrots n Cake by Tina Haulpert - she makes a big healthy cookie every Friday as a treat for herself. They are full of healthy ingredients and are delicious. Her theory is, if you know you're getting a big cookie later, it's easier to say no to temptation now.)

I feel that these guidelines give me structure, but are fluid enough to allow me to roll with everyday real life.

Next it was my fitness plan. I actually have two. I run outside three days per week. I only have about three weeks left in my running season. I live in Western PA and the Monday after Thanksgiving is Hunting Season. I run on a wooded trail and refuse to become an unidentified target for an eager hunter. When Hunting Season is over, it's usually too cold and damp to run comfortably outside any more. So I have a Running Program and then after Thanksgiving I'm switching over to a Strength Program.

Running Program:

Monday - Running
Tuesday - Strength
Wednesday - Running
Thursday - Strength & Yoga
Friday - Running
Saturday - REST
Sunday - Yoga for Runners

Strength Program:

Monday - Strength / Upper Body
Tuesday - Strength / Lower Body
Wednesday - Cardio & Yoga
Thursday - Strength / Upper Body
Friday - Strength / Lower Body
Saturday - REST
Sunday - Spinning & Yoga for Runners

I decided that during the winter when I'm not running I really need to do something that keeps my running muscles active. Spinning is very close to the same movement and will help my muscles retain the memory of running. I also want to keep the Yoga for Runners in my program to keep those muscles loose and ready to go when tax season is over and I can start running again.

I really feel encouraged by these plans. I know I can achieve the goals I've set for myself (see previous blog). The most important thing I've done is take the scale out of the equation. I will weigh myself once a week, but only as a way of keeping track of where I'm at. I feel this plan will move with me. It's my plan, so I can change what's not working in midstream and not feel like I've failed.

I'm ready to go on this journey, I've got my map & GPS and I'm even looking forward to a few unexpected side trips of discovery as well. I'll be sure to send postcards (okay blogs) home so everyone can see where I've been and what I'm doing!

If you want to ride along, there's room in the Jeep!

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MELA1953 11/6/2011 11:15AM

    Oh Lucy- what a smokin' plan!!!! I lost my weight with a similar eating program... it makes you feel "normal". I think that starting just before the holidays is the best way to go.. it gives us a modicum of control and then we don't have the holiday regrets!!

We can keep each other on track with the support we both have for each other and our teams... WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Comment edited on: 11/6/2011 11:16:22 AM

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