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My Day 4/7. Mostly not weight loss related.

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Woke Up at 0730 on sleep in day. Boo! But feeling perky all the same.

Perkily decided $110 was too much to spend on having my hair colored. Colored hair myself.

Went to hot yoga. Sad that tomorrow's advanced class is cancelled, happy to be at hot yoga.

Had horrific foot cramps (this has happened before) the first 25 minutes of class.

Realization: Not hydrating well enough means foot cramps. May also need calcium supplement to make cramps stop. In words of yoga instructor, "not everybody gets cramps in the same place, for you it may be your feet, for someone else, it may be their hamstrings."

Take new vehicle for "complimentary" car wash (complimentary may be a stretch when you consider how much a car costs).

While waiting for car to be washed, spot self in mirror. Immediately call salon and beg for assistance.

Salon Appointment: $158 for "corrective color action" to somewhat fix my hair.

Lunch @ PF Chang's with Mom and Sister and Nephew Eli and behave myself eating low fat items. Mom and sister refrain from hair remarks under threat of death.

Reflect on hair fixing genius and her statement, "I bet you're never going to do this again."

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2194 days ago
    I can laugh because I've been there! emoticon
    2214 days ago
    How's the hair these days?
    2220 days ago
    I suffer from cramps too and I hydrate, but maybe not enough. I have also suffered from a bad at-home hair coloring job. I think you have a great way of dealing with things. Keep Sparking!
    2221 days ago
  • VERONICA41190
    I didn't read through comments, so I may be repeating, but more potassium will also help with cramping. My mom struggles with cramps and she actually takes a prescribed potassium supplement. And of course, as you said, HYDRATE!

    P.S. I'm a hairstylist and have witnessed, corrected, and even done to myself, the potential horrors of at-home color. You are not alone!
    2222 days ago
    hehehe.. you are so funny :)
    2225 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    2225 days ago
    I have been there before, and about the same cost. (ouch) I keep hearing about hot yoga, I should find a studio near me...
    2227 days ago
    Been there done that to my hair. I try to make sure I have plenty of water in my system and if I think I might even cramp a little I eat a banana. I swear it helps every time, but maybe that's just for me. :)
    2228 days ago
    Hang in there Jenn emoticon
    2230 days ago
    I am sure you won't try that again!! BUmmer!
    2231 days ago
    Great blog as usual!

    And I'm sorry but I had to emoticon at the DIY dye job mishap!
    Hope it's all better now! emoticon
    2231 days ago
    I'm glad that you are blogging 7 days in a row! I find your blogs, entertaining, funny and real! :) I really enjoy them!!!
    2231 days ago
    Foods rich in Potassium should help with the cramping: bananas; cantaloupe; sweet potatoes; pumpkin; all varieties of yellow or orange squash. emoticon
    2232 days ago
    I have had my share of hair dying mishaps!! I usually end up at the salon trying to get it fixed too!! The worst was when I decided to go jet black. The color looked nice, but my hair was totally fried. I have fine hair, and it seems to break really easily and the harsh black chemical treatment was a big no no. Plus, people started telling me I looked like Joan Jett. That was kinda strange ;)
    I notice a lot more cramping if I don't stretch before and after workouts really well. So, I spend the extra time gettin my stretch on to avoid those nasty cramps. I was un blessed with grossly muscular calves and that is where I get bad charlie horses!! emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Another reason to love my short hair, I color it myself ALL the time with few problems. Except when the purple wouldn't take the first time... emoticon I did prevail!

    Is it just a cramp, or is it a full on charlie horse type cramp that grabs and won't let go?? My foot doc prescribed something and crap if I can remember the name of it now!! will search the memory banks and get back to ya...

    But ya, calcium, magnesium and water seem to be the big three...
    2232 days ago
    Sounds like a good day, especially the hot yoga! I have always been afraid of doing my hair myself, you just confirmed it, lol! My Mom swears by eating a banana when ever she feels leg cramps. You are doing great!
    2232 days ago
    I'm sorry about your hair incident... But I bet you'll be able to hide it under that cute hat of yours, the one in your profile picture.

    2232 days ago
    I have a friend who spends more every year getting her hair "corrected" than I spend getting my hair colored. Every time she swears "I've learned my lesson." But then somewhere along the line she's at it again!

    Happy Sunday and Happy Sparking
    emoticon Vikki
    2232 days ago
    Understand the self color - I tried myself - for years. Now it is one of my few splurges I do allow myself. I'm a true strawberry blonde and that's a really hard color to keep.

    My yoga instructor mentioned to another classmate of mine that gets cramps that coconut water will help .... haven't gotten cramps (yet) to try it out - hopefully don't ever have too emoticon

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You always make me feel good about my journey and remind me I am not in this alone!
    2232 days ago
    DIY hair color always seems like a good idea and a money saver but the damage it can do to your hair isn't worth it, especially if you need to get it corrected. It took me almost two years to totally grow out a bad DIY job and the breakage it caused. I'd rather go to a pro and have it done less frequently. If you get thinner highlights, the regrowth is tolerable and you can go at least four months between touch ups. I'm almost at two months and they're not bugging me at all yet.

    I also frequently get cramps, but in my calves and usually at night. Bananas and lots of water seem to do the trick and lessen the day after soreness.

    Keep up the great work and the awesome blogs. You're doing so well!
    2232 days ago
    Yaye to yoga, boo to cancelled yoga, and LOL to DIY hair colouring mistake! emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Haha i think we've all been in that boat! Last summer i thought i could "save money" by dying my hair MYSELF. NOPE!! Ended up going the next day for color correction, which not only left my hair in bad health, but turned it fire engine red, then had to fix it with more hair dye! Ended up costing around the same as yours!
    Cheers to wanting to D.I.Y!
    2232 days ago
    I'm so glad you didn't do too much damage. I tried dying my own hair once, and even though the box said it would leave my hair in "better condition" than before I colored it, it was a huge LIE! My hair broke off in chunks! emoticon NEVER EVER again.
    Other than the hair mishap it sounds like you had a great day! emoticon
    2232 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Well, see, there is a benefit to me not having your gorgeous hair - it's hard to tell if I mess up my color because, unless I happen to accidentally die it orange or yellow or some other color not known to Mother Nature, it just looks a little more "bleh" than usual. I'm so impressed that you do hot yoga. I always associate cramping with lack of potassium/ low sodium - maybe you should eat a salted banana before class? Ew, if I do say so myself. emoticon
    2232 days ago
    I won't ever color my own hair - you're braver than me! :) At least it got fixed. Awesome! :)
    2232 days ago
  • HHB4181
    you were brave to do your hair on your own, and clearly should not have been a hair stylist. also good job admitting your mistakes.
    emoticon for picking low fat items at pf chang's
    2232 days ago
    2232 days ago
  • MISSLISA1973
    2232 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Have I mentioned the time that I attempted to dye my own hair and the result was Bozo the Clown red?

    WTG with the good choices at PF Chang!
    2232 days ago

    My husband usually dyes my hair, but I think for the holiday season, I'll treat myself to a more professional cut and color... I don't normally...

    Next time you spot yourself in the mirror, just think, "Damn, I'm hot!"

    2232 days ago
    So often I think... 'eh, I'll just do it myself! The boxes make it look so easy and reaaaaaaaallly... How hard can it be?' and then I wus out and never do it BECAUSE I remember when I was 16 and I ha the same thoughts and I remember THE MESS I MADE of myself.... Oh you poor thing. I k ow exactly how you feel and then to still have to go sit in the chair to get it fixed anyway... Ugh...

    I bet you look lovelier than before! You're beautiful swimmer/yoga girl!!
    2232 days ago
  • YIWEN39
    No pics of the before/after coloring? No? Really? emoticon
    Glad you enjoyed your day despite that little... accident emoticon
    2232 days ago
    Oh, yeah, never do your own hair color. LOL
    2232 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    I remember my sister's first week away at college when she called me in tears. She decided to color her came out green if I remember correctly. It was supposed to be blond.

    Happy your stylist was able to do some "corrective color action" emoticon

    I am trying to get up the courage to take a hot yoga class......well, any yoga class.
    Good for you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
    2232 days ago
    2232 days ago
    As the sister of a stylist, I laugh at you. Sounds like u had a pretty decent day despite the bad color experience. Enjoy your night!
    2232 days ago
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