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Nuggets I GLEANED from my Sparkies [Part 1]

Saturday, November 05, 2011

NOTFATCAT Self-acceptance is different than self-resignation

BENTONHEALTHY--There is a price to pay for years of not taking care of myself

AWESOMECAROL55--PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! THANK YOU, Carol, for this nugget of truth! I LOVE it and I'm going to add it to my wall!!!!

PANSYLADY2--"I found that I had to accept who I was and that Jesus loved me just the way I was/am before I could move forward and change without "shootin myself in the foot" with destructive behaviors." Oh, Mary Jane, I LOVE this so much!!! This truth is going to set me free!!!!!

SNOWGLOBEMAMA--Liz, YOU BLESS ME SO MUCH! You said, "However, you striving to do YOU keep me striving to be ME. We're not all roses in the garden of life. Perfect and flawless. I am glad you take the time to maintain your garden and show 'how-to'." I feel ABSOLUTELY humbled by your words of praise! Thank you for your encouragement and being such a faithful friend!!!!

KATI5668--Think on the things that really matter. AMEN!!!!!

J0ETTE--"If we do constantly pursue to make ourselves better....more in HIS image, then we get the balance between content and desire for more." Joette, I LOVE this!

YICHE12--Leis, I LOVE this and TOTALLY agree! " If all people could accept who they are and have become over the years, it would make this world a happier place for all."

CRYSTLE4HIMTX10--Oh, my SWEET, BEAUTIFUL friend, THANK YOU for your response! You said, "count your blessings…focus on positives." Such awesome advice and when I put those two thing in practice, it's amazing how quickly my attitudes change! {{{{love you, sweetheart}}}}

ANYVAR54--"Contentment comes FROM my relationship with God!" I absolutely love this and agree so heartily! See FIRST His face, and all these other things fall into place!

ZERNIKE [You're SOOOO sweet!] You said, "Isn't is REALLY EXCITING to see what you have been able to accomplish??" I really need to 'think on these things' instead of bemoaning my pudgy tummy! ha!

ONEKIDSMOM--Life is good! AMEN!!!!!

ANDYLIN90--" long as I can see I'm moving in the right direction, I feel content and satisfied." LOVE IT!!!!

ERIECANALGAL--Dottee, I think I'm much like you, I'm MUCH more content when sticking to the program! The dilemma of a flat tummy [ha!] hasn't changed, but the fact that I'm pursuing goals is encouraging!

MOMMA_LITTLE--I lovelovelove you!!!!!! "We can't eat corn dogs and ice cream 24/7 and say we want to be happy just the way we are, but we also shouldn't work ourselves into a frenzy trying to be the perfect 10, either!" PERFECT!!! And I'm right there with you, sweetheart, I want to grow into a woman of beauty BY following hard after Jesus! I'm SOOOO blessed by you!!!

SILVERBIRCH65-- "But--we all age, and there's no shame, or "perfectability," in that." AMEN!!!! Aging GRACEFULLY!!!! I just turned 50, I've given birth 8 times [and have had 10 pregnancies]…SO instead of bemoaning what CAN'T be, celebrate what IS!!! Thank you!!!!!

JIBBIE49--"Even people like Brad Pitt admit that they want to do better in LOVING others and in GIVING more of themselves to do good…" That is VERY good! We should NEVER trying to give MORE of ourselves until we take our last breath!!!!!

MEDDYPEDDY--"It is helpful to write a grateful list three times a week. Every night when I put out the light I say a short "thank you for this day"…" VERY good, again gratefulness is a resounding theme!!!!

This is all I have time for today--I'll tell more nuggets tomorrow. emoticon

Love you all!
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